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LGL Release Notes: October 2022

Posted October 26, 2022 by Teri Bicknell

LGL’s October 2022 release notes edition shares the latest updates and fixes LGL developers have made over the past several months to improve and enhance functionality within Little Green Light and LGL forms.

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Additional updates




New integration with CourseStorm

We recently added a new integration for LGL customers to pull class registration data from CourseStorm directly into Little Green Light.

LGL-CourseStorm integration page

Learn more about the CourseStorm integration

Bumped up payouts for Refer a Friend and Affiliates

We’ve raised the payment amount, when you refer a friend to Little Green Light or are an LGL Affiliate, from $150 to $200. See details here and here.

Forms: Add option to require double email address entry

We’ve added an option to LGL forms to require double email address entry in the Edit Email popup window. Adding this will prevent the form from being submitted if the email addresses don’t match.

Verifying email address in LGL forms


Forms: Offer the 2022 GivingTuesday form template in LGL forms accounts

The GivingTuesday form template LGL offers each year has been updated for 2022. Learn more here.

Additional updates

Add gated LGL API access to all accounts

Gated API access has been added to all LGL accounts, whereby you can request to have the API functionality enabled in your account.

LGL’s Application Programming Interface (API) allows other web-based software services to read and write data into and out of a Little Green Light account. This is useful if you are a software developer or if you want to link your LGL account to software that has built an API integration with LGL. Learn more here.

Add Search functionality to the Campaigns page

The Search function has been added to the Campaigns page, enabling you to search campaigns in the same way you can search for appeals or events.

Campaigns search in LGL

Show gift errors earlier in the Flex Importer process

An update has been made in the Flex Importer to show any errors that will prevent records, such as gift records in the examples shown below, from being loaded in Preview and during the import review.

Flex Importer error message

LGL error messaging

Display Peer Credits in Giving column on Appeals and Events

Peer credits are now displayed in the constituent giving section in LGL Events and LGL Appeals.

Peer Credit display in LGL Appeals

Show whether a gift is anonymous in Record Preview

We’ve added “Anonymous?” to the Record Preview, so it is no longer required to click into the constituent record to see that information.

Anonymous gift notation

QuickBooks Online: Make Class mapping an option that can be turned off in QBO integrations

Some versions of QBO do not offer the Class field, so we have updated our QuickBooks settings to offer an option to either use Class information or not to use it. If the “Use Class Information?” box is not checked, the user will not see the field on the gift entry form and won’t see the class column in the queues.

QuickBooks Class setting in LGL

QuickBooks Online: Enable the QBO integration for Canadian accounts, with Tax field

We have added a single tax field to allow our Canadian customers to integrate with QBO. The new field is in the General Settings, and the column has been added to the sync display.

Forms: Add Peer Credit to gift types you can create for additional constituents

We have added the ability to assign a Peer Credit gift to a second (or third, etc.) constituent in forms.

Peer Credit related gift type

Forms: Allow transparent background on iframe

Previously, if you tried to set the background color of an LGL form to transparent, the background would be white. You can now set the background color to transparent. This change will also update any existing forms where the background color was set to transparent.


On the Dashboard, the Donor Summary by Year widget’s first-time donor link, when restricted to YTD, was incorrect

Previously, the Donor Summary by Year Widget on the LGL Dashboard was incorrect for first-time donor data when filtered by YTD for the current year and two years prior. It was not accurately counting pledges by donors whose donation history started with a pledge. This has now been fixed.

Editing a Peer Credit changes it to a Soft Credit

Previously, a software bug was causing gifts coded as “Peer Credit” to change to “Soft Credit” when the gift was edited for any reason. This has now been fixed.

Fix display issue in List Manager contact information while adding or removing an individual constituent

Previously, when removing individual constituents from a list via the List Manager page, individual names would update but the email would not be refreshed so constituent information was not accurately represented. This has now been corrected.

List Manager display in LGL

Email preview in LGL lists

Custom currency fields aren’t formatted as currency

Previously, custom currency fields weren’t formatted as currency. This has now been fixed.

Currency field in LGL

Currency field value in LGL

Merging constituents always brings over contact info, even if unchecked

Previously when merging constituents, the merged constituent contact information was copied over even when the checkbox to include it was unchecked. This has now been fixed.

When removing constituents from a Constituent List (on the Constituents tab in the list), allow user to remain in the list

When you perform an action in a constituent list, such as removing a constituent, when the action is complete the list now reloads to your previous location in the list rather than taking you back to the list summary, which would previously occur.

Add phone number columns to our “Phone Numbers” report preview on the Reports page

Our pre-built “Phone Numbers” report has columns for phone number, phone number type, and ID. But previously if you looked at the Preview from the Reports page where pre-built reports are listed, the actual phone number did not display as a column. It did display if you were inside the report looking at Preview or Quick Preview, however. This has now been fixed and the Preview of the “Phone Numbers” report is accurate.

Phone Numbers pre-built report in LGL

“Bulk gift entry” screen incorrectly appeared to allow constituent to be updated in the gift after saving

Previously, the “Bulk gift entry” screen appeared to allow you to change the constituent after saving the gift record, but then the new constituent wasn’t actually saved. We have updated the user interface in the “Bulk gift entry” screen so it is clear that option is not available.

Forms: Deleting additional constituents doesn’t clear them out all the way

Previously in forms mapping, when the user deleted the mapping to Constituent #2 the additional constituent mapping wasn’t deleted completely. This has now been fixed.

Forms: Payment status merge field not populating with field value

Previously, the payment status merge field for LGL forms confirmation emails was not populating with the correct value of the payment status. This has now been corrected.

Payment Status merge field in LGL forms confirmation email setup

Forms: Display rule does not work when there is a comma in the radio button option

Previously, the presence of a comma in a radio button option in LGL forms was preventing the display rules from working. This has now been fixed.

Forms: Re-send confirmation email doesn’t use “Send to” field

Previously, the re-send confirmation email option was not using the “Send to” field defined in the confirmation email settings; instead, it was sending to the first email address on the form. This has now been fixed.

Resending an email confirmation in LGL

Forms: Count submissions made before Amount field is added toward cap

Previously, LGL form submissions made prior to an Amount field being added to the form weren’t counted toward the submission cap. Those submissions will now be counted.

Forms: New membership levels or updates should trigger refresh in forms

Previously, during mapping, LGL forms was not refreshing LGL fields when additions or updates to membership levels were made. This has now been fixed.

Forms: Deactivated menu items still appearing in forms mappings

Similarly, LGL forms was not refreshing LGL fields when additions or updates to class-year affiliation types were made. This has now been fixed.

Forms: Avoid cloning the sender’s name when a form is cloned from one account to another

Previously, when cloning a form from one account to another the Sender email address would copy over from the original form. This has now been fixed to remove the original sender email address in the cloned version.

Forms: Make sure ACH transactions are classified as ACH

Previously, the ACH payment type was not always classified correctly. We have now improved the ACH payment type classification to be more accurate.

Forms: Using Amount – Amount field isn’t possible in conditional defaults

Previously, it was not possible to use either the Payment Total or an individual Amount field in a conditional default (only Payment Total worked). We have made an update and this is now possible.

Forms: Invalid characters prevented submission of form but donation went through

Previously, when invalid characters, such as an emoji, were entered into a form, the donation would process but the form data would not load in the LGL forms area. This has now been fixed.

Donation Amount field in LGL forms

Forms: Form description text color not set by theme but only while editing form

Previously, the text color for a form’s Description field could be set only while editing the form and not in the theme. The text color for the form’s Description field has now been added to the theme and can be set there.

LGL form Themes

Forms: When commas are present in form’s Amount field, default selection behaves strangely

Previously, when commas were present in a form’s Amount field, the default selection did not work as expected and the selection of a Default amount would be thrown off. We have now corrected this issue.

Forms: Fix an issue with the 3% calculation to updated recurring payments

Previously, when updates to the Amount field were made to recurring payments that had the optional 3% added to cover fees, the updated amount would sometimes add an additional 3%. This has now been fixed.

Forms: A ProPay form without ACH enabled asked for bank info (as if ACH was an option)

Previously, when using ProPay in LGL forms, when only PayPal was checked it would sometimes appear to allow ACH and not PayPal. This has now been fixed.

Payment options in an LGL form

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