Does my nonprofit need donor management software?

Is your nonprofit interested in using donor management software but you’re unsure about how it can benefit your organization or which features should be included?

By using our Donor Management Software Checklist, you can determine if your nonprofit is ready to invest in donor management software and prioritize the features that would be most beneficial for your organization. 

Donor Database checklist

What do the experts say?

Pamela Grow, a well-respected fundraising coach for small nonprofits, is a firm believer in the need for donor management software.

In an article from NonProfit Pro, Grow says, “Nonprofit development is, by its very nature, data driven. You simply cannot function as a donor-centric organization without a donor database.”

According to a survey from Software Advice:

  • 99 percent of nonprofit professionals surveyed said that "their use of fundraising software has positively impacted the number of donations their organization receives, and
  • 98 percent say it has a positive impact on their overall record keeping, reporting and workflow efficiency.”


Consider these scenarios:

Has this ever happened at your nonprofit?

You’re asked to pull a list of everyone who’s given at least $100 to each of the past three annual giving campaigns. You have the data, but it’s spread across multiple spreadsheets, and comparing donors from one spreadsheet to the other takes hours.

You’ve sent out fall appeal letters and would like to make some personal follow-up calls to your top prospects. But you don’t know who’s previously donated, and even if you did, you don’t have current phone numbers for them.


One of your organization’s top donors, who’s made a gift every year since you opened, has called to say that she doesn’t want to receive any further communication from you. This is because she’s received three letters addressed to her deceased husband, after requesting that his name be removed from future correspondence.

You hold an annual event but have no record of who’s been invited in the past, whether they attended, or which businesses had provided sponsorships.

How can donor management software help?

Scenarios like these can be avoided through the use of feature-rich donor management software like Little Green Light that is built to grow with your nonprofit.

Donor management software makes it easy to track donor giving history, identify new prospects, and track your organization's communication and outreach efforts with supporters. This data provides valuable insight into what motivates your donors, which you can leverage to grow support for your mission.

Since nonprofits need to continuously build support for their mission, donor management software like Little Green Light becomes essential to better predict, grow, and analyze fundraising outcomes.

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