Are you still using Excel to manage your donors?

Is your nonprofit currently relying on Excel or spreadsheets to manage valuable donor data? If so, you're not alone! Almost half of Little Green Light’s (LGL) customers report they previously used Excel or another spreadsheet software to store and track donor records, before moving to LGL.  

While spreadsheets can be a good place to start, many nonprofits find they quickly outgrow Excel and need donor management software to better track their fundraising efforts, manage donations, and improve donor relations to build support for their mission.

Use our Free Donor Management Software Checklist to assess and prioritize your nonprofit's needs.


Is donor management software better than Excel?

According to a survey by Software Advice, donor management software has excellent benefits for small nonprofits, especially those with limited staff, where automating even one task—such as sending acknowledgement letters to donors—can free up hours of time to focus on crucial projects.

Adopting donor management software can have positive effects on both a nonprofit’s bottom line and its overall efficiency. 

According to the survey:

  • 99 percent of professionals surveyed said that "their use of fundraising software has positively impacted the number of donations their organization receives, and
  • 98 percent say it has a positive impact on their overall record keeping, reporting and workflow efficiency.”

And donor management software doesn’t have to break the bank. There are very affordable options available.

Since nonprofits need to continuously build support for their mission, donor management software like Little Green Light becomes essential to better predict, grow, and analyze fundraising outcomes.

Which donor management software is right for me?

When it comes to selecting donor management software, it’s important to match your organization’s needs with the features/functions of the software. Finding the time to evaluate systems and knowing what features to look for can be daunting.

That’s why we’ve created a Donor Management Software Checklist to help. Use it to assess your organization’s current data processes and prioritize your organization’s data management software needs.

Why Little Green Light?

Simple to adopt and easy-to-use
Our platform was built with the needs of small and mid-sized nonprofits in mind, especially for those without previous donor management software experience

Built-in Integrations
With software your organization already uses, including accounting and email marketing software

Communication tools  included
Making it easy for you to generate and send mailings and emails as well as keep track of who received them

Strong reporting capabilities
Enabling you to analyze and share fundraising outcomes with your organization

Knowing that we have Little Green Light to capably manage many of our back-end administrative needs has made In the Arena a more effective and more efficient organization, thus increasing our bandwidth to focus on our mission-driven and programmatic aims.

Amory Rowe, In the Arena

…[Little Green Light] provides a clear, single-page view of each constituent, and has powerful, easily-configurable reporting capabilities to get an aggregate view.

Megan Farkas, Sant Bani School

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