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The Little Green Light Affiliate Program
Create an additional stream of revenue while supporting nonprofits

As an affiliate, each customer you bring to Little Green Light has the potential to generate $200 in referral fees. Choose whether to split these fees with your referrals or pass all of it to your referral.

Who Can Participate

The Little Green Light Affiliate Program is open to consulting firms and other organizations that manage or serve nonprofits, including regional or national organizations that have chapter affiliates as members.

  • Nonprofit Consultants
  • Nonprofit Service Providers
  • Umbrella Organizations (such as dioceses and national organizations)
  • Consulting Firms
  • For-Profit Entities

As an Affiliate, we can provide you with a free Little Green Light account for training and demo purposes. Just ask.

How It Works

Each Affiliate receives a unique code to use in links for referrals. We will also provide you with a Little Green Light button to place on your website, as well as a pre-formatted template to send to your referrals.

Earn a credit of $200 for each referral who subscribes to Little Green Light and pays $200 or more in subscription fees.

Affiliates can choose one of the following:

1. Give 100% to your referrals

2. Split it 50/50 with your referral

Organizations outside the U.S., please see restrictions in The Fine Print below.

Help more nonprofits find their best and last CRM. 

The Fine Print
For more details, please see our Little Green Light Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions.

Organizations outside the U.S. cannot receive payments from the Little Green Light Affiliate Program. You can still participate and provide the referral credit to your referrals. You should thus select 100% of the credit to go to your referrals.

If a prospect clicks on a link with your Referral code in it, we will tag the prospect by placing a cookie on their browser, and if they set up a trial account within 30 days thereafter, we will then tag their trial account as being referred by you.

Due to the nature of cookies, this approach relies on the prospect using the same computer and browser to set up the trial account as they used to click on your referral link.

Alternatively, the prospect can enter your Referral code into the “Referral Code” box during account setup. This will establish their trial account as being a referral of yours.

If you send an email from your Little Green Light account to a prospect, we will track the email address of the recipient even if they don't click the link in your email. If that email address is used to set up an account, we can credit you for that. We'll store the email address and track it this way for twelve months.

The affiliate code works on a last-in basis, so it is possible that a referral of yours subsequently follows a link from another Affiliate and the credit would accrue to the latter Affiliate.

We checked many systems on the market, and Little Green Light is one of the best for growing nonprofits. We like how quickly we can load data and customize fields according to our needs.

Cedarstone Team, Cedarstone

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