QuickBooks Online Integration

Manage Your Revenue Data Better Than Ever

Sync gift entries from Little Green Light to QuickBooks Online

Little Green Light's integration with QuickBooks Online (QBO) allows you to manage your revenue data better than ever. Enter gifts into Little Green Light, and with a single click of a button, automatically create sales receipts in your QuickBooks Online account, complete with accurate product/service, class and payment method data. Once sales receipts are deposited in QBO, LGL will automatically be updated.

LGL and QBO integration
LGL and QBO sync
Benefits of Integration with QuickBooks Online
Eliminates double entry
Enter gift data into LGL and sync to QuickBooks
Easier reconciliation
Keep track of which gifts in LGL have been sync’ed and deposited in QuickBooks
Increased accounting accuracy
Map to QuickBooks' product/service, class, and payment method at gift entry
Decreases likelihood of duplicates
Match to existing customers in your QuickBooks account

Learn more about the Little Green Light/QuickBooks Online Integration.  Read our KB article >

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