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December 2016 Release Notes

Posted December 28, 2016 by Timi Paccioretti

Our development team has had a busy few months creating, testing, and now releasing some great new product features for Little Green Light. We can’t wait to give you the full rundown, so please keep reading to take a look at what’s new in Little Green Light.


Streamlined Approach to Handling Event Guests

After completing a round of beta testing, we have rolled out a more streamlined approach to handling guests who are not constituents. The approach includes a new customizable column view of event attendees and the ability to add guests without creating a constituent record for them. For more in-depth information about these improvements, please see our Knowledge Base.



 Ability to Set Limits in Forms

Set limits on form submissions: This new feature is great for when you want to limit the number of submissions you’ll accept for a specific form. Maybe you have a limited number of slots available in an upcoming workshop or you have only 25 free items to give away. Now you can set a limit on how many times your form can be submitted.

Set limits on number of items to sell: This new feature allows you to place a limit on the quantity of tickets (or other items) you will sell through your form when you have limited inventory available. LGL Forms will track the number of items sold across all form submissions and prevent the sale of more than you have available.


 New Fundraising View: Giving by Fund and Category

Now it’s easier to reconcile donations with your accounting system when you use this new on-screen fundraising view and report:


 Add Multiple Gifts for a Single Constituent

This new functionality makes adding multiple gifts to the same constituent record more efficient. Selecting the “Use same constituent for next gift” in conjunction with the “Save and Add another” button preserves the constituent info, making it simple to add another gift to the same record.

Note: this functionality is also available in the Bulk Gift Entry form


 Search for Form Submissions from the Constituents and Fundraising Tabs

Now it’s possible to search for constituents who submitted a form from the Constituent or Fundraising tab, using the search term “LGL Forms” and then selecting the specific form(s) you want to search:


 Email Status Updates

It is now easier than ever to view the status of emails you send from Little Green Light. You can view the number of total emails sent and the status of those emails: whether they were opened, if a link in the email was clicked, if the email bounced, and also if the recipient took none of these actions:



Last LGL Email Status and Last LGL email date are now also exportable fields:


 New Setting for Email Address Validation

With this new setting, you can enable or disable the automatic nightly email validation maintenance. If enabled, this feature will mark any invalid email addresses for a constituent as not current. Turn it on in the Settings > Subscription settings > General tab:



Update to Auto-Populated Annual Report Name for Organization-Type Records

Now when entering an organization-type record, the “Annual Report” field name will auto-populate with the name of the organization rather than the contact name and the organization name (which it did previously).


 Ability to Search by Volunteer Time Description Field

This new search term makes it possible for you to locate records in the Constituents tab or the Activity tab that contain information in the “Description” field within the volunteer time entry form.

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