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Category: News
LGL celebrates 15 years of serving nonprofits
March 20, 2024
Celebrating 15 years at Little Green Light
We have just returned from three days at the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference (24NTC) in Portland, OR. This conference was remarkable for all of the new things that are available to nonprofits, but it was also a reminder of what has stayed the same. Little…
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time management for nonprofit fundraisers
March 6, 2024
Free webinar: Time management for nonprofits
As a nonprofit fundraiser, do you struggle with effectively managing your time? We all seem to have more to do than we can get done. And that leaves us hustling through our day, scrambling at the last minute to complete projects, and just plain stressed…
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LGL Basic Training course
December 20, 2023
New Basic Training Course beginning in January!
We’ve revamped our LGL Basic Training Course, and we can’t wait to have you join us in January for the very first series of this new, more interactive online offering! Little Green Light offers several online training opportunities throughout the year, including our popular Basic…
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how to become an LGL pro
November 9, 2023
Do you want to be a pro at using LGL?
Do you ever wonder if you’ll be able to master using Little Green Light and become an LGL pro? Maybe it seems that people who are good at databases must be geniuses, like they were born under the right star. However, databases have only so…
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Sept 2023 updates to LGL Privacy policy
September 28, 2023
Updates to Little Green Light’s Privacy Policy
, Little Green Light has recently updated its Privacy Policy to reflect a change in the US Department of Commerce’s privacy program. The Department of Commerce’s privacy program, previously known as Privacy Shield, has recently been replaced by the Data Protection Framework (DPF). As stated…
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