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Category: News
how to become an LGL pro
November 9, 2023
Do you want to be a pro at using LGL?
Do you ever wonder if you’ll be able to master using Little Green Light and become an LGL pro? Maybe it seems that people who are good at databases must be geniuses, like they were born under the right star. However, databases have only so…
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Sept 2023 updates to LGL Privacy policy
September 28, 2023
Updates to Little Green Light’s Privacy Policy
, Little Green Light has recently updated its Privacy Policy to reflect a change in the US Department of Commerce’s privacy program. The Department of Commerce’s privacy program, previously known as Privacy Shield, has recently been replaced by the Data Protection Framework (DPF). As stated…
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LGL Staffer visits Sycamore Land Trust
August 29, 2023
A Visit to Sycamore Land Trust
Rarely are we lucky enough to experience full-circle moments in our lives that combine both our personal and professional worlds. I was fortunate enough to have such a moment earlier this summer. When I visited my family in the rolling hills of southern Indiana, I…
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Free fundraising guide for Libraries
July 27, 2023
New resource for libraries using LGL
If you’re fundraising for a library, whether through a Friends group, foundation, or other entity, the funds you raise strengthen your library and your community at large. Fundraising for libraries also presents a unique challenge: patron data isn’t available to you, so it’s up to…
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LGL updates it's look and feel
June 29, 2023
LGL’s New Look and Feel
We’re excited to announce that LGL has a fresh new look available. This is like a new coat of paint, not a complete remodel. You shouldn’t feel lost at all; we’re just updating the colors and spacing, not how pages function or the navigation options.…
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LGL Audit webinar
May 25, 2023
Why you need an LGL audit and how to conduct it
Good data hygiene can make or break a successful fundraising appeal. So when it comes to raising more money for your organization, have you considered how the data you maintain in your Little Green Light account can impact that endeavor? Conducting an audit of the…
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