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Little Green Light is a cloud-based donor management system for fundraisers.
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Free Fundraising Resources
April 20, 2021
Free fundraising resources and guides from LGL
If you're looking for fundraising tips or best practice ideas on managing your nonprofit’s development efforts, you may be interested in the Resources area of our public website. It contains a growing library of free ebooks and guides, written by members of the LGL team. A…
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Gift Acknowledgment Guide
February 17, 2021
[Free ebook] Guide to Acknowledging Gifts
Whether you are new to fundraising or your nonprofit organization has expanded the types of gifts it receives, this Guide to Acknowledging Gifts can be an extremely useful resource. Gift acknowledgment letters can be the backbone of a successful fundraising program. By thanking donors and…
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Organize your gift coding in LGL
February 5, 2021
Free Webinar Series: Using Gift Coding in LGL
Did you know that effective gift coding in Little Green Light can help you: Produce more accurate fundraising reports Evaluate your fundraising efforts better Receive more insight into your donors' giving This month, we’re taking a deep dive into how to best organize your gift…
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Free LGL training
January 4, 2021
Free training webinars for LGL users
Did you know that LGL offers FREE Basic Training webinars for our users? This 3-part webinar series covers everything from managing constituent and gift data to creating reports in LGL. When you attend all three, you’ll learn the basics of effectively using Little Green Light.…
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Consultants to the rescue
November 19, 2020
Consultants to the rescue!
  As you may have seen in our article earlier this month, Little Green Light provides a number of free resources to help customers succeed in using LGL effectively. But what if you have a significant issue or project that you think would be best…
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LGL changes to its framework
November 16, 2020
LGL’s made some changes under the hood!
Little Green Light users may notice a slightly different look to LGL going forward, as we’ve recently made some changes under the hood that will improve LGL’s performance. These changes may not be visually significant, but they will have a profound impact on our ability…
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Free training for new LGL users
November 2, 2020
Free training resources for new LGL users
Little Green Light offers several training resources for new users, suited to just about every learning style. Here are a few of our most popular training and support resources, geared to our newest LGL users. Training Resource #1: New User Email Course Do you have…
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Using the LGL Knowledge Base
October 29, 2020
How to use the LGL Knowledge Base
What is the LGL knowledge base? A knowledge base is a centralized repository of information whose purpose is to educate, instruct, and support. It empowers users to find answers to their questions by accessing and using the information at their convenience. Most software applications provide…
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Little Green Light is a cloud-based donor management system for fundraisers.