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Updates to Little Green Light’s Privacy Policy

Posted September 28, 2023 by Hunter Williams

Sept 2023 updates to LGL Privacy policy,

Little Green Light has recently updated its Privacy Policy to reflect a change in the US Department of Commerce’s privacy program. The Department of Commerce’s privacy program, previously known as Privacy Shield, has recently been replaced by the Data Protection Framework (DPF). As stated in the Little Green Light Privacy Policy, LGL is self-certified as a participant in the DPF, just as it was previously in Privacy Shield.

The DPF includes several measures that were not part of Privacy Shield, including limiting access to EU data by US intelligence services to what is necessary and proportionate, and establishing a Data Protection Review Court, to which EU individuals will have access. The Data Protection Framework has been deemed adequate by the European Commission, which means that the European Commission allows data to go from the EU to US companies that participate in DPF.

While the DPF satisfies one important component of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is not in itself sufficient to establish a participating company as GDPR-compliant. As stated in our Privacy Policy, LGL is not fully GDPR-compliant and is therefore not available to organizations based in the EU.


Little Green Light Privacy Policy

Department of Commerce’s Data Privacy Framework website

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