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February 2017 Release Notes

Posted February 10, 2017 by Timi Paccioretti

Here’s a listing of the new and updated features released in Little Green Light this month.

New features:

Duplicate record alert

Prioritize tasks

  • Forms: Ability to search by name/email in Forms Submission Queue
  • Forms: Country field in the Address Block can now be hidden
  • Forms: Form name is sent to Stripe with each payment
  • Flex Importer: Custom gift fields can now be imported and mapped via forms (this includes UK Gift Aid)
  • Relationship searching: Create a list of related constituents that is based on their relationships to other constituents
  • Fundraising: New Fundraising view: Giving by primary group

New fundraising view: giving by group

Updates to existing features:

  • Team members: Extended time for new team members to click through to the Verification link upon invitation
  • Mailings: Ability to disassociate an appeal or event from a saved mailing
  • Forms: Include form title in [[submission_summary]] merge field

Bug fixes:

  • Gifts: Default acknowledgment template now “sticks” when setting a constituent after clicking Save and Add another in gift record
  • Appeals & Events: Complete removal of segments from events and appeals that have been deleted
  • Membership: Fixed mismatch of membership totals as seen in Filter Results area and in search results



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