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Roundup of LGL data migration resources

Posted November 11, 2021 by Timi Paccioretti

LGL Data migration resources

Moving your nonprofit’s data to a new donor management system doesn’t have to be scary! Little Green Light offers a number of resources to help our newest customers make the data migration process as painless as possible. This article is a roundup of the guidance available.

Little Green Light Data Migration Resources

LGL Knowledge Base

Our online Knowledge Base is a great resource, as it contains the most current information on how to use LGL’s features. Articles offer detailed, step-by-step instructions, provide product screenshots and videos, and often share best-practice suggestions. The Knowledge Base can be accessed from the Help page in your LGL account or, if you don’t yet have an account, you can publicly access it here.

For data migration help, we recommend checking out these 2 main article categories:

The Data Migration, Organization & Cleanup articles guide you through prepping and migrating your data into LGL, and for cleaning up your existing LGL data. The Preparing for Migration article helps you tackle planning your project, teaches key concepts, and offers tips on how to organize your project. Other resources to refer to include a Sample import file and the LGL Data Dictionary.

The articles in the Importing category provide specific guidance for importing your data into LGL using our built-in import tool, the Flex Importer. Two key articles to review are the Flex Importer FAQs, which addresses what types of information can be imported into LGL, and Using the Flex Importer, which is an overview of how to use this important tool that also points to specific steps for importing each type of data. Once you’re ready to dive in deeper, we recommend grabbing a copy of the Data Dictionary and downloading the sample Excel file from this article.

LGL Video Library

The LGL Video Library contains a variety of video options, including quick, informative videos, hour-long training webinar recordings, and everything in between. We recommend reviewing 3 videos that cover the data migration process.

The first video, Flex Importer Overview, is a 7-minute explanation of the 3-step process for importing data into LGL:

Step 1: Prep your data

Step 2: Upload & map fields

Step 3: Review & save data

The other two are training videos, offered as a 2-part series:

LGL e-course

Looking for a resource that breaks the migration process down into a 4-part “e-course”? Check out our Email Crash Course: Data Migration Doesn’t Have to Be Scary. Sign up to receive it free.

LGL support

Do you have questions about the data migration process or need help troubleshooting your import in your LGL account? Reach out to our support team by using the contact form located on the Help page in your LGL account.

Or, sign up for an LGL Q&A session. Each week, LGL offers an opportunity to ask questions of our support team via a small group webinar. These Customer Q&A sessions are free and included with your LGL subscription.

LGL Consultant Network

If you’re seeking one-on-one help with your data migration project, the LGL Consultant Network may be the right solution for you. The consultants in our Network are experts in nonprofit data management and in Little Green Light. They can help with a variety of projects, including data migrations. You can request a bid from them here.

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