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Release Notes: March 2021 updates

Posted March 18, 2021 by Teri Bicknell

March 2021 Updates

Over the past several weeks, Little Green Light’s developers have been busy adding and fixing numerous features. Please see the list of our March 2021 updates below to view these changes, and click on any item to link to more details.




Tribute information now included in gift summary

Gifts are now displayed in a constituent’s record in the same way they are in Fundraising > Giving. When you view a constituent’s gift from within the “Related activity” section in their record, you can see at a glance whether it is a tribute gift.

Tribute shows in gift summary

Zapier: Membership fields are now mappable

It is now possible to map the standard LGL membership fields within the Zapier integration:

  • Membership level
  • Membership start date
  • Membership end date
  • Membership note

Notes text now more legible in summary view

You can now more easily see note text without having to click into the note to view it.

Note text update

“contains” condition now available in LGL forms display rules

In an LGL form, when setting a display rule, you now have the option to apply the rule based on the presence of text that is contained in submitted fields.

New contains qualifier

Ability to archive example email templates

It is now possible to archive example email templates that you are no longer using.

Archive templates

Ability to search on “Contact rpt. summary” field

It is now possible to search on the “Contact rpt. summary” field in the Constituents tab.

searchable contact report summary


“#” symbol added to gift note field causing error

Previously, adding the “#” symbol to a gift note field caused an error. This has now been fixed.

adding # symbol in text box

Can’t select “Other income” as pledge installment gift type

Previously, when recording a payment against a pledge, it was not possible to assign “Other Income” as the gift type. It is now possible to assign this gift type to a pledge payment.

Other income as pledge payment

Gifts visible to unauthorized team members

Previously, when a task was assigned on a gift, team members who were not authorized were able to view the gift. This has now been fixed.

team member visibility into gifts

Commas behaving incorrectly for amounts in search fields

Commas in an Amount criteria value in a constituent search were previously functioning as periods. We have updated this so that it is now possible to use commas when searching Amount fields.

use of commas in search

Multi-select categories in appeals and events appearing as single select

Previously, the multi-select category in appeals and events allowed only one choice. This has been updated so that the processes from within the event/appeal now use the newer bulk edit process, allowing the multi-select option.

multi select category fix

Users’ time zones not always reflected in PayPal IPN time stamp

We have improved time zone conversions for PayPal IPN submissions so that gift dates for these submissions will be more accurate moving forward.

Birthday not displaying when year is not set

Previously, when the account date format was set to YYYY-DD-MM and only the birthday day and month were entered into the constituent record, the birthday would not display in search results or in the constituent record except in Edit mode. This has now been fixed.

birthday display fix

Bulk removal of some communication tags not completing

For constituents with the communication tags “do not mail”, “do not email”, or “do not call” assigned, removing the tags in bulk wasn’t working fully. This has now been fixed, ensuring that the communication tags are in lock step with their corresponding contact methods.

communication tags display update

LGL form duplication leaves out record-level rules

Previously, when duplicating an LGL form, record-level rules (i.e., “only apply record if” rules) were not also duplicated. This has now been fixed.

forms mapping fix

“From” address in email tribute notifications not sticking

Previously, when setting up a template with the “From” email address for a tribute email notification, it would be necessary to again set the “From” email address if it was not the first person in the list of possible senders. This has now been fixed.

email notification sender fix

Flex importer duplicating spouse names

Previously, when the account Name Setting was set to “Informal”, importing name data for spouses led to duplicate names being added in the name calculation (for example, in the Salutation field). This has now been fixed.

spouse import fix

Date merge field not reflecting the user’s time zone

When the user added a date merge field to an email, previously the date pulled in did not reflect their time zone. This has now been fixed.

date merge field fix

Previously, upon inactivation and deletion, mailing/email categories were not disappearing from the dropdown menu. This has now been fixed.

remove deleted items fix

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