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Release Notes: September 2021 updates

Posted September 15, 2021 by Teri Bicknell

Sept 2021 LGL updates


Over the past few months, our developers have been busily rolling out feature updates and fixes to Little Green Light. This post shares a list of descriptions about each product update and fix made to LGL as of September 2021, for your review. 

Click any item in the TOC just below to read more details.




Improved Flex Importer mapping settings display

An import now displays the choices you made during the mapping process so when you hit “Accept” you’ll see what your choices were for matching preferences and values such as “do not update names”. The options are not editable here, however.

Flex importer updates


The preferred mailing or email address is now displayed in a gift as the acknowledgment template is entered

When entering gifts, the constituent’s preferred mailing or email address—where the gift acknowledgment will be sent or emailed to—is displayed in the gift record.

acknowledgment template update


Check number is now displayed in gift search results

Previously, the check number was not available in search results for gift records, where payment type is selected. It is now available at a glance when the data is present.

check number display update

Improved default selection on the goal/pledge connector

We have updated the default selection to the goal/pledge connector to choose the installment closest to the current date.

pledge/goal connector update

Updates to the LGL ​​ QuickBooks integration

We have made the following improvements to the LGL – QBO integration.

    • Name search is performed both by “first name last name” and by “last name, first name”
    • When switching to a different field to search by (if the name search doesn’t yield a match), the data in whatever field you select (the “Email” field, for example) will auto-populate from the constituent record to display whatever data is present there, and the search will be performed based on that data
    • When syncing constituent names into QBO, it is now possible to select the name format:


LGL QBO updates

  • The check number reference is now displayed following the gift amount in the QBO queue:


QBO check number update

  • It is now possible to search in Fundraising > Giving by these QBO sync status options:
    • Not queued
    • Queued
    • Sync’d
    • Deposited
  • It is now possible to report from Fundraising > Giving on these QBO values:
    • Sync status – Possible values are null, queued, sales receipt created, deposited
    • QBO sales receipt number – Data is populated only on sync’d gifts
    • QBO sync date  – The date the gift was sync’d to QBO
    • QBO memo – The note that shows the fees


Forms: Recaptcha size now optimized for mobile device viewing

Previously, the size of the Recaptcha service exceeded the bounds of LGL forms viewed on mobile devices. This has been updated so that the Recaptcha resizes itself for mobile devices.

Read more about Google recaptcha


Forms: A “Cancelled” status has now been added to recurring payments that have been suspended

Previously, it was difficult to find cancelled recurring donations in LGL because they were not clearly identified. We have now added a “Cancelled” label that will automatically appear on suspended recurring payments to differentiate them from accounts that are going to charge on the renewal date.

LGL Forms update


Forms: Autofill is now available for LGL forms

It is now possible to enable autofill for the LGL forms fields listed below for the Chrome, Safari, and Firefox web browsers:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Email
  • Phone

To enable the autofill option, you can edit the form field and select the “Enable autofill?” checkbox:

autofill in forms update


Forms: Add sorting options to the account list for users with multiple LGL forms accounts

For anyone who has access to more than one LGL forms account, it is now possible to sort that list alphabetically and also to scroll through it more easily.

Forms: It is now possible to clear the default amount from an Amount field

When you are editing an LGL form Amount field where a default amount has been set (as a radio button choice, for example), you can now clear the default value.

Forms: Payment Processor now automatically maps to Payment Type

For gift mappings within LGL forms, the form Payment Processor field automaps to your LGL  Payment Type field so that this data is always captured in your LGL account.

gift mapping updates

Forms: Credit card expiration date is now available in the downloadable recurring gifts report

The expiration date for credit cards is now included in the scheduled recurring gifts reports you can download from your LGL forms account:

recurring gift update

Forms: Dropdown or radio button values are now editable in a form submission

In an LGL form submission, an LGL form user can now edit the submission data of responses to dropdown menu or radio button options.

submission form update

Forms: Updates to LGL forms Themes: Addition of Rich Text elements to Themes and improved readability of button text when hovering

We’ve updated LGL forms Themes as follows:

    1. You can now select styling for Rich (Custom) Text in a theme by editing the theme and selecting the styling from the “Form body” section of the Design page:

Form theme update

    1. You can now select the color you’d like to use for the button hover text by editing your theme and selecting the “Submit Button Hover Text Color” option from the “Submit button” section of the Design page. This is important to do if you’re using a dark background for your button and thus need a lighter color for the hover text:

button update


Refresh of totals in dashboard widgets when switching between YTD and Year now updating both YTD totals

Previously, in dashboard widgets, if you clicked the “Refresh” link to get the latest data to load and then switched between YTD and Year, the amounts displayed in the widget did not update for the Year total. This has now been fixed.

dashboard widget fix

Default text in multi-line form fields now displaying on edit

Previously, the multi-line form field accepted but did not display default text. Default text entered into this field now displays upon edit.

Constituent “Date added” field previously not pulling data into gift report column

Previously, you could select the date the constituent was added in a gift report using the “Date added” field, but the date did not display in the report. This has now been fixed.

date field fix

In an import, uploading the value of either “Yes” or “No” for “Gift Is Anonymous?” previously set the gift as “Anonymous”

The values are now assigned correctly; uploading the value of “No” for “Gift Is Anonymous?” no longer sets the gift as “Anonymous”.

Filter now preserved in a complex search when used to build a constituent list

Previously, when a filter was used in building a complex constituent search, and those records were then selected and used to create a constituent list, the filter would no longer apply to the list. This has now been fixed.

filtering fix

Only one contact report now added to a record when both members of the constituent record are contacted

Previously, when using the dropbox (bcc) feature on an email to a constituent that has two email addresses associated with their account (spouses, for instance), the contact report would be added twice to their constituent page. This has now been fixed.

Searching constituents by marital status now working correctly

An occasional problem that was occurring for constituent searches on marital status has now been fixed.

Installments connected to deleted pledges are now also deleted

Previously, when deleting a pledge, any installments that had been created at the time of creating the pledge were not also deleted. This has now been fixed so that any installments connected to that pledge are also deleted.

Query in Donor Summary by Year widget for donor count first gift date not applying to pledges

Our Donor counts in the Donor Summary by Year table widget previously did not match our Donor count graph line (in the Total Raised by Type and Year) widget on the dashboard. This has now been fixed.

dashboard widget fix

Display issue in the Total Raised by Type and Year dashboard widget

Previously, in the Total Raised by Type and Year dashboard widget, changing the total raised by type and year to display by Fiscal and YTD caused the widget to display no data. This has now been fixed.

total raised widget fixed

Forms: QBO mapping option in LGL forms automatically enabled when QBO is activated in LGL

The QuickBooks Online (QBO) mapping option was previously not automatically enabled in LGL forms accounts where QBO was activated in LGL. This has now been fixed.

Forms: The display of Approved Emails has been simplified regarding verification status

Previously, the list of Approved Emails offered more options than was necessary regarding whether the email was verified or not. This has been simplified to make adding approved emails a clearer process.

approved emails fix

Forms: Ensure font color choices are not applied as a style for dropdown menu values

It is now no longer possible for a white font in a Theme, for example, to make certain elements of the form disappear into a white background.

Forms: Remove deactivated/cancelled donations from expiring credit card notifications

Previously, deactivated/cancelled donations from expiring credit cards would appear in the “Expiring credit cards notifications”. This has now been fixed so that those donations no longer appear.

expiring credit card fix

Forms: Improved error messaging

Error messaging in LGL forms has been improved for cases where a credit card is resubmitted to run a payment that previously failed, as well as for payments that exceed a maximum allowed amount.

Previously, it was possible for a donor to edit a paid form submission by “going back” in the web browser after the form had been submitted. This has been fixed.

Forms: Free inventory can no longer be double-booked

LGL forms previously did not check inventory levels before completing the confirmation in cases where no payment was charged. This has now been fixed.

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