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Vermont Italian Club uses Wufoo forms and LGL to manage interests from members

Posted May 13, 2014 by Hunter Williams

The Problem

The Vermont Italian Club does a terrific job of customizing communications for their members. To do this requires collecting information on what each member is interested in. They wanted to streamline that process.

The Solution

The Vermont Italian Club added a list of interests to its membership form, built using Wufoo. They synced up that form to their LGL account and created a Category to track interests in LGL. Now all the data flows seamlessly into their donor management system.


Step by Step

  1. VIC set up a form using Wufoo.
  2. They then mapped each field to its respective field in their LGL database.
  3. As people submit the form, the entries automatically sync to LGL.


David Usher, a Board Member for VIC who manages LGL for the organization, says, “this integration has saved us valuable time and effort. As more of our members join and renew membership at our website, with this integration their interests are automatically entered into LGL.”

How To

It’s easy to build Wufoo forms; and the possibilities are endless. To see a list of forms that apply well to schools and nonprofits, including a volunteer form, see Wufoo community templates. You should also take a look at our how-to article on connecting your Wufoo account to your LGL account.

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