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2021 feature updates: LGL’s year in review

Posted January 19, 2022 by Teri Bicknell

2021 LGL feature updates

With the new year upon us, we thought this would be a great time to look back and share some of LGL’s most significant feature updates made in 2021.  Please read below to see the highlights as well as the specific updates we made, and click on any item in the list to link to more details in the sections below.

2021 feature highlights

2021 feature updates

2021 feature highlights

A quick and simple way to generate annual gift statements

The new Annual Gift Statements feature allows you to create an annual gift statement simply and quickly, addressed to each of your organization’s “can send mail” or “can send email” donors who gave either in the current or previous calendar year.

The donors are automatically pulled into a mailing and email, based on the status of their contact information. Once you have updated the placeholder text for the mailing and email so that it suits your purposes, you can download and mail the letters and send the email from LGL.

To generate your simple annual gift statement, go to Fundraising > Acknowledgments > Annual Gift Statements and click the “Generate annual statements” button.

Changes to the Refer a Friend program

The LGL Refer a Friend program has been updated to operate with more efficiency and ease. Now, once an LGL account is signed up for the Refer a Friend program, the account code (account prefix) for that account will automatically work as a referral code. This should make it much easier to remember your referral code. Note that only paying accounts can sign up for the Refer a Friend program.

Zapier Zap example templates are now available

You can now view examples of Zapier Zap templates that are available to use with Little Green Light. Visit your Settings > Integration Settings > Zapier Integration page to access them, as shown here:

Zapier Zap/LGL examples

Updates to the LGL ​​– QuickBooks integration

We have made the following improvements to the LGL – QBO integration.

  • Name search is performed both by “first name last name” and by “last name, first name”
  • When switching to a different field to search by (if the name search doesn’t yield a match), the data in whatever field you select (the “Email” field, for example) will auto-populate from the constituent record to display whatever data is present there, and the search will be performed based on that data
  • When syncing constituent names into QBO, it is now possible to select the name format:


LGL QBO updates

  • The check number reference is now displayed following the gift amount in the QBO queue:


QBO check number update

  • It is now possible to search in Fundraising > Giving by these QBO sync status options:
    • Not queued
    • Queued
    • Sync’d
    • Deposited
  • It is now possible to report from Fundraising > Giving on these QBO values:
    • Sync status – Possible values are null, queued, sales receipt created, deposited
    • QBO sales receipt number – Data is populated only on sync’d gifts
    • QBO sync date  – The date the gift was sync’d to QBO
    • QBO memo – The note that shows the fees

“Peer Credit” gift type now available

A peer credit gift type for gifts solicited through peer-to-peer fundraising is now available, offering a method for tracking which peer solicitor is associated with each gift raised. This is a separate gift type from the soft credit, and its purpose is to provide a separate assignation for “walkathon” and other “peer”-type inspired giving. But similar to soft credits, the hard credit donation is assigned to the actual donor and the peer credit is assigned to the peer solicitor.

Tracking peer to peer gifts in LGL

(LGL forms) Better deductible handling for ticket sales

You now have the option to set a different deductible amount (not visible to whoever is viewing the form), so it is possible to map a different deductible amount from the overall payment amount. You can access this by editing the form’s Amount field and ticking the “Deductible” checkbox to the right:

Adding deductible amount of ticket sales in LGL Forms

2021 feature updates

Tribute information now included in gift summary

Gifts are now displayed in a constituent’s record in the same way they are in Fundraising > Giving. When you view a constituent’s gift from within the “Related activity” section in their record, you can see at a glance whether it is a tribute gift.

Tribute shows in gift summary

Zapier: Membership fields are now mappable

It is now possible to map the standard LGL membership fields within the Zapier integration:

  • Membership level
  • Membership start date
  • Membership end date
  • Membership note

Notes text now more legible in summary view

You can now more easily see note text without having to click into the note to view it.

Note text update

“contains” condition now available in LGL forms display rules

In an LGL form, when setting a display rule, you now have the option to apply the rule based on the presence of text that is contained in submitted fields.

New contains qualifier

Ability to archive example email templates

It is now possible to archive example email templates that you are no longer using.

Archive templates

It is now possible to search on the “Contact rpt. summary” field in the Constituents tab.

searchable contact report summary

You can now exclude non-U.S. addresses from address verification

Previously, there were cases where LGL Address Verification was converting non-U.S. addresses to U.S. addresses. It is now possible to prevent this from happening by excluding these addresses from Address Verification. You can do this by checking the “Exclude from verification” box within the constituent’s contact information.

exclude non-US addresses from verification

Improved Flex Importer mapping settings display

An import now displays the choices you made during the mapping process so when you click “Accept” you’ll see what your choices were for matching preferences and values such as “do not update names”. The options are not editable here, however.

Flex importer updates

The preferred mailing or email address is now displayed in a gift as the acknowledgment template is entered

When entering gifts, the constituent’s preferred mailing or email address—where the gift acknowledgment will be sent or emailed to—is displayed in the gift record.

acknowledgment template update

Check number is now displayed in gift search results

Previously, the check number was not available in search results for gift records, where payment type is selected. It is now available at a glance when the data is present.

check number display update

Improved default selection on the goal/pledge connector

We have updated the default selection to the goal/pledge connector to choose the installment closest to the current date.

pledge/goal connector update

Ability to export email addresses for multiple relationships in constituent reports

It is now possible to add an email address to the export columns in the “Multiple Relationships” field within a constituent report.

Relationship report options in LGL

Better notification of email send limits, plus updates to send numbers by tier

For clarity, in accounts that have not established a good email sending reputation, email send limits are now more prominent and visible within LGL. You can see them on your Emails page:

Email limits help message updates

…and within each step as an email is being created, at the top of the page:

Email help message in LGL app

We’ve added an explanation of how to establish your email sending reputation in this Knowledge Base article, and email send limits have been updated as described here.

Add ability to prevent Zapier from updating constituent name info

The Zapier integration has been updated so that it is now possible to set your preference in terms of whether the Zap updates constituent names or not. The setting will affect future submissions through the Zap. By default, newly created Zaps will not update constituent name data.

Data now importable into the “External Gift ID” field via Zapier

It’s now possible to import the external gift ID into LGL via Zapier, making it easier to audit donations later on.

(LGL forms) Recaptcha size now optimized for mobile device viewing

Previously, the size of the Recaptcha service exceeded the bounds of LGL forms viewed on mobile devices. This has been updated so that the Recaptcha resizes itself for mobile devices.

(LGL forms) A “Cancelled” status has now been added to recurring payments that have been suspended

Previously, it was difficult to find cancelled recurring donations in LGL forms because they were not clearly identified. We have now added a “Cancelled” label that will automatically appear on suspended recurring payments to differentiate them from accounts that are going to charge on the renewal date.

LGL Forms update

(LGL forms) Autofill is now available for LGL forms

It is now possible to enable autofill for the LGL forms fields listed below for the Chrome, Safari, and Firefox web browsers:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Email
  • Phone

To enable the autofill option, you can edit the form field and select the “Allow autofill?” checkbox:

autofill in forms update


(LGL forms) Add sorting options to the account list for users with multiple LGL forms accounts

For anyone who has access to more than one LGL forms account, it is now possible to sort that list alphabetically and also to scroll through it more easily.

(LGL forms) It is now possible to clear the default amount from an Amount field

When you are editing an LGL form Amount field where a default amount has been set (as a radio button choice, for example), you can now clear the default value.

(LGL forms) Payment Processor now automatically maps to Payment Type

For gift mappings within LGL forms, the form Payment Processor field automaps to your LGL Payment Type field so that this data is always captured in your LGL account.

gift mapping updates

(LGL forms) Credit card expiration date is now available in the downloadable recurring gifts report

The expiration date for credit cards is now included in the scheduled recurring gifts reports you can download from your LGL forms account:

recurring gift update

(LGL forms) Dropdown or radio button values are now editable in a form submission

In an LGL form submission, an LGL form user can now edit the submission data of responses to dropdown menu or radio button options.

submission form update

(LGL forms) Updates to LGL forms Themes: Addition of Rich Text elements to Themes and improved readability of button text when hovering

We’ve updated LGL forms Themes as follows:

  1. You can now select styling for Rich (Custom) Text in a theme by editing the theme and selecting the styling from the “Form body” section of the Design page:
  2. Form theme updateYou can now select the color you’d like to use for the button hover text by editing your theme and selecting the “Submit Button Hover Text Color” option from the “Submit button” section of the Design page. This is important to do if you’re using a dark background for your button and thus need a lighter color for the hover text:

button update

(LGL forms) Form name now included in Recurring Gifts export

We have updated the recurring gift exports you can pull from your LGL forms account to include a column containing the name of the LGL form through which each recurring donation was made.

LGL recurring gift report


(LGL forms) Time zone is now manually customizable for an event invite confirmation email

You can now set the time zone when adding a calendar invite to an event confirmation email. This allows the calendar invite to reflect the event’s time zone rather than relying on the time zone of the person who created the form.

Customizable time zone in calendar invite

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