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2022 feature updates: LGL’s year in review

Posted January 4, 2023 by Teri Bicknell

As we ring in 2023, we wanted to offer a review of Little Green Light’s 2022 development work over the past year. Take a look at the items below to see the main updates our developers made to Little Green Light over the course of the year, and click any one to link to a brief description.

2022 feature highlights

2022 feature updates

2022 feature highlights

New integration with CourseStorm

We added a new integration for LGL customers to pull class registration data from CourseStorm directly into Little Green Light.

LGL-CourseStorm integration page

Learn more about the CourseStorm integration.

Bumped up payouts for Refer a Friend and Affiliates

We raised the payment amount, when you refer a friend to Little Green Light or are an LGL Affiliate, from $150 to $200. See details here and here.

New fields added to our Zapier integration

We expanded the list of fields you can map via Zapier to include the following:

Import settings

  • Add gifts to QBO sync list?

Main constituent info

  • Annual report name
  • Birthday

Email address info

  • Email type
  • Email preferred?

Phone number info

  • Phone type
  • Phone preferred?

Mailing address info

  • Address type
  • Full/formatted address
  • Address preferred?

Gift/pledge/goal info

  • Fund name
  • Tribute Name
  • Tribute Hon./Mem. Name
  • Tribute Dedication
  • Tribute Recipient Name
  • Tribute Recipient Salutation
  • Tribute Recipient Email
  • Tribute Recipient Address
  • Tribute Notification Template

Gift info

  • Ack. mailing template

Event info

  • Attended?
  • Inv. notes
  • RSVP status
  • Inv. attendee count
  • Inv. guest names
  • Date attended
  • Gen. event name

Class-year info

  • Class affiliation
  • Class affiliation grad. year
  • Class affiliation note

Volunteer info

  • Vol. category
  • Vol. date
  • Vol. end date
  • Vol. hours
  • Vol. description

Task info

  • Task name
  • Task description
  • Task due date
  • Task type
  • Task owner
  • Send reminder?

Contact report info

  • Contact rpt. name
  • Contact rpt. type
  • Contact rpt. date
  • Contact rpt. text
  • Contact rpt. team member

Read more about integrating with Zapier.

Automated queueing for QBO through the PayPal IPN

It’s now possible to automatically queue gifts to QuickBooks Online through the PayPal IPN via a new gift creation preference in the field mapping for the PayPal IPN integration:

QuickBooks integration with LGL

Updated Annual Statements feature

We released an update to our Annual Statements feature, which allows you to quickly generate a statement of giving for all donors, for the purposes of helping constituents with tax preparation.

This feature is available in the Fundraising > Acknowledgments area of any LGL account.

Learn more about the Annual Statements feature here.

Forms: New option available to require double email address entry

We added an option to LGL forms to require double email address entry in the Edit Email popup window. Adding this will prevent the form from being submitted if the email addresses don’t match.

Verifying email address in LGL forms

Forms: 2022 GivingTuesday form template added to all LGL forms accounts

The GivingTuesday form template LGL offers each year was updated for 2022. Learn more.

Forms: Ability to enable Apple Pay, Google Pay, and ACH in LGL forms

We added enhanced functionality to LGL forms that allows customers to enable Apple Pay, Google Pay, and ACH as new checkout options for forms that use Stripe as the payment processor.

Learn more about this enhanced payment functionality here.

2022 feature updates

Gated LGL API access added to all accounts

Gated API access was added to all LGL accounts, whereby you can request to have the API functionality enabled in your account.

LGL’s Application Programming Interface (API) allows other web-based software services to read and write data into and out of a Little Green Light account. This is useful if you are a software developer or if you want to link your LGL account to software that has built an API integration with LGL. Learn more.

The Search function was added to the Campaigns page, enabling you to search campaigns in the same way you can search for appeals or events from those pages in LGL.

Campaigns search in LGL

Gift errors showing earlier in the Flex Importer process

We updated the Flex Importer to show any errors that will prevent records, such as gift records in the examples shown below, from being loaded in Preview and during the import review.

Flex Importer error message

LGL error messaging

Peer Credits now displayed in constituent Giving column for appeals and events

Peer credits are now displayed, along with other giving data, in the constituent giving section in LGL Events and LGL Appeals.

Peer Credit display in LGL Appeals

“Gift is anonymous?” status now displayed in Record Preview

We added “Anonymous?” to the Record Preview, so it is no longer required to click into the constituent record to see that information.

Sum total added to the “Donor Summary by Year” widget

Sum totals were added to the “Donor Summary by Year” widget on the LGL dashboard:

Donor Summary widget on LGL Dashboard

QuickBooks Online: Class mapping now an option that can be turned off in QBO integration

Some versions of QBO do not offer the Class field, so we updated our QuickBooks settings to offer an option to either use Class information or not to use it. If the “Use Class Information?” box is not checked, you will not see the field on the gift entry form and you won’t see the class column in the queues.

QuickBooks Class setting in LGL

QuickBooks Online: QBO integration now enabled for Canadian accounts, with Tax field

We added a single tax field to allow Canadian customers to integrate with QBO. The new field is in the General Settings, and the column was added to the sync display.

Forms: Peer Credit now available as a gift type you can create for additional constituents

We added the ability to assign a Peer Credit gift to a second (or third, etc.) constituent in LGL forms.

Peer Credit related gift type

Forms: Transparent background now supported in iframe

Previously, if you tried to set the background color of an LGL form to transparent, the background would be white. You can now set the background color to transparent. This change also updated any existing forms where the background color was set to transparent.

Forms: Transaction type now available in the PayPal IPN integration

It’s now possible to map the transaction type of a gift collected through your PayPal IPN integration, allowing recurring gifts to be tracked separately from one-time gifts, for example.

PayPal integration with LGL

Forms: Payment processor in LGL forms now included in export

The payment processor (Stripe, PayPal, or ProPay) that is used in a gift submission is now included in the LGL forms submission export.

updates to LGL Forms payment report

payment processor report

Forms: “Download” buttons now displaying for full recurring gift report even if there are no current transactions

Previously, when there were no current transactions in LGL forms it was not possible to download the recurring submissions report. It’s now possible to download this report regardless of current transactions being present, using the buttons shown below.

Download button for recurring payments in LGL

Forms: Requirement that users be logged into PayPal to make recurring gifts now clarified

For a donor to make a recurring gift through an LGL form that is using only PayPal as the payment processor, they must be logged into a PayPal account. When your LGL form is set up to offer only PayPal to process donations that may be recurring, an alert will display, warning you of this.

Updates to LGL forms using PayPal

A great solution to this issue is to use PayPal with Stripe, which allows recurring gifts to be donated by PayPal and non-PayPal users alike.

Forms: Ability for fee coverage button to follow conditional display rules

This update made it possible to make the 3% fee conditional upon payment in a form, so the option will display only when a gift amount is being submitted.

Optional 3% charge field in LGL forms

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