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Enable Apple Pay, Google Pay, and ACH as checkout options with LGL Forms

Posted December 1, 2022 by Hunter Williams

We’re excited to announce enhanced functionality to LGL Forms that allows customers to enable Apple Pay, Google Pay, and ACH as new checkout options for forms that use Stripe as the payment processor.

What are Apple Pay and Google Pay?

Apple Pay and Google Pay

Apple Pay and Google Pay are mobile wallets that make it much easier for donors to complete online payments. Apple and Google users set up these wallets initially by linking a payment source, such as a credit card or bank account, to their mobile wallet. This makes completing online payments very easy because there is no need to pull out a credit card; the payer is authenticated by being logged into their Apple or Google account. While especially handy for mobile transactions, these checkout options also work in specific browsers: Apple Pay works in the Safari browser, and Google Pay works in the Chrome browser.

There is no added cost to you or to the donor when using Apple Pay or Google Pay in an LGL Form.

How can I enable this feature in LGL Forms?

NOTE: This option is available for Stripe payment accounts only.

In your LGL Forms area, go to Admin > Payment Accounts and tick the Enable enhanced checkout checkbox.

Where will Apple Pay and Google Pay be available?

Once enabled, the new checkout options will be available in all your forms, except forms that are embedded on your website, which will not be able to show Apple Pay. (This is because Apple does not allow Apple Pay when the server for the frame where the checkout occurs does not match the server for the overall page.)

This table shows where each checkout option will be available to your donors:

LGL-hosted formsEmbedded forms
Apple Pay
Google Pay


  • LGL-hosted forms: Forms displayed on the page that LGL automatically creates for every form
  • Embedded forms: Forms displayed (embedded) on your website

What is ACH?

ACH is a form of electronic funds transfer direct from a bank account. For the nonprofit, the primary advantage of having donors use ACH as compared to a credit card is that the processing fees are a lot lower. However, it’s important to be aware of the disadvantages as well: (1) ACH transactions are not protected by the credit card networks, so illegitimate transactions cannot be voided; (2) ACH transactions take four business days to process whereas credit card transactions are instantaneous; (3) ACH is available only to donors in the U.S.; and (4) the most commonly used U.S. banks, but not all of them, are in the Stripe system.

How can I enable this feature?

Once you tick the checkbox described above for enabling enhanced checkout, you will see an option to add ACH on the Edit page for each of your payment forms. Unlike with Apple Pay and Google Pay, you will need to enable ACH for every form where you want it to be available.

What is the ACH checkout process like?

When donors choose to pay using their bank account, they are presented with a popup screen in which they’ll select their bank and then log into their bank account. Then they’ll complete the order on the LGL Form checkout page. After submission, it will take four days for the transaction to process. LGL Forms will mark the transaction as pending during this time. Once the transaction is complete, it will show as paid in LGL Forms. LGL Forms will then proceed with any sync of data to LGL, any internal notification, and any confirmation email to the donor that you’ve set up for the form.

For our more detailed help article on this topic, please see Enhanced checkout: Google Pay, Apple Pay, and ACH.

5 thoughts on “Enable Apple Pay, Google Pay, and ACH as checkout options with LGL Forms

  1. does LGl have pre negotiated pricing or do i negotiate separately? is this integration already implemented in LGL?


    1. For Stripe you should set up your account directly with Stripe. If you have a 501(c)(3) designation, be sure to ask them about their nonprofit rate.

    2. Hi Jim,
      LGL pricing is available on our website at The enhanced checkout options described in this post are available in any LGL forms account that is set up to use Stripe as a payment processor. If you have additional questions, please contact our support team from the Help page in your LGL account.

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