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3 quick tips for writing donor-centered thank you letters

Posted December 17, 2015 by Virginia Davidson

Your appeal has been mailed, and now the donations are arriving. It’s time to thank your donors! Use this opportunity to craft a donor-centered thank you letter so your supporters feel great about their donation and are inspired to give again.

Here are three tips to evaluate your thank you letters and make sure they’re donor-centered:


Tip #1: Tom Ahern recommends taking a colored pen to your thank you letter and circling each time the word “you” is included. If your letter isn’t polka-dotted with circles when you’re done, you have some edits to make!

Tip #2: Explain how the donor’s gift will be used, and take your organization out of it. This approach helps your donor feel a strong connection to the impact of their gift. Instead of writing…

 “Your gift to ABC Food Bank will help our staff provide meals to hungry families and brings us closer to our goal of feeding 500 families in the year ahead.”

…take your organization out and connect the donor directly to the purpose of the gift:

“Your gift is putting food on the tables of hungry families throughout our community. Thanks to your generosity, these families will rest easier knowing that they have access to nutritious meals.”

Tip #3: Add a personal note at the end of your letter. A brief handwritten note makes the letter more personal. Be sure to include a “you” in your note!


Thank you letters may sometimes feel like an administrative chore, but they play an important role in donor retention. These three tips will help you create a donor-centered thank you letter that wows your supporters! 

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