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5 tips to prepare your database for the new year

Posted December 4, 2015 by Timi Paccioretti


new year database tips

As one year draws to an end, it’s a time for resolutions, promises, and fresh starts for the new year ahead. Why not use this time to give your donor database a little love and attention? It doesn’t have to be hard, scary, or even time-consuming. With these 5 simple ideas, you can have your database ready and humming for the new year!

Top 5 things to do at the start of every year:

  1. Review your subscription settings, making sure the right contact person’s name and email are in place and your payment method selection is still working for your organization. Tip: Discounts are available if you subscribe for terms longer than monthly.

  2. Check who has access to your account and “inactivate” any team members who no longer use LGL. Evaluate team members’ level of access and make adjustments as necessary. Tip: To preserve any documentation on any inactive team members who were in contact with your constituents and contact reports or tasks they may have created or updated, mark the former team members as inactive rather than deleting them.

  3. Make gift entry easier by inactivating Campaigns, Funds, Appeals, and Events that are no longer accepting gifts. Be sure you set up any new ones for the new year too. Tip: Set defaults for gift entry in the Gift Settings area to decrease the number of keystrokes needed when entering gifts.

  4. Review your acknowledgment templates and update them as needed. Archive any that are no longer being used. Tip: Check out these simple ideas for making your thank you’s donor-centric.

  5. Generate and mail your year-end tax letters for constituents who requested them. Tip: Watch this video for a handy tutorial on how to produce these letters.

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