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3 new WordPress integrations provided by Arcada Labs

Posted April 26, 2023 by Hunter Williams

LGL integration with WordPress

Three new LGL integrations are available for WordPress, built by the software integration firm Arcada Labs. These integrations are now listed on the Integration Settings page in LGL accounts, in Settings > Integration Settings. This is great news for Little Green Light customers who have websites powered by WordPress and want to sync data from WordPress to LGL!


Integration #1 from Arcada Labs

WordPress logo

The basic integration is a free WordPress plugin that syncs your WordPress users to your LGL account. Your WordPress users can include subscribers, such as blog subscribers or members.

The other two integrations are add-ons to the plugin for GravityForms and WooCommerce. Arcada Labs is offering each of these add-ons for $162/year, or you can get both for $270/year.

Please read the sections below for more details about the add-ons.

Integration #2 from Arcada Labs


GravityForms logo

Gravity Forms

With Arcada Labs’ Gravity Forms add-on, you’ll be able to automatically transfer this data to your LGL account on an ongoing basis, for streamlined and organized fund management. Simply select the forms you want to sync and the LGL funds, campaigns, and categories they apply to, and you’ll have your LGL constituents and gifts updated in an instant. It can also sync your past data.


Integration #3 from Arcada Labs


WooCommerce logo


With Arcada Labs’ WooCommerce add-on, you can instantly sync every transaction (both past and present) completed through your WooCommerce store as gifts on the LGL platform—in real time. For each WooCommerce product you’d like to track in LGL, you can choose the LGL category, fund, and campaign you want it to sync with, seamlessly pulling all relevant information into your LGL database and slashing time spent on administrative tasks.

To learn more about these integrations and to get started, please see this page on the Arcada Labs website.

3 thoughts on “3 new WordPress integrations provided by Arcada Labs

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  2. Hi Hunter,
    Can you please provide more details as to why the intergration with WordPress is significant? What benefits would this provide us.

    Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Mandy,
      If you use WooCommerce or Gravity Forms on your WordPress site, then the benefit is in getting those submissions to flow seamlessly into your Little Green Light database. For the free WordPress user integration piece, the benefit is if you use WordPress to manage a list of blog or other subscribers, then you can get those subscribers synced to your Little Green Light database, so that you can see who is a subscriber in the same place where you have all your other information about donors and prospective donors as you steward your donors and reach out to prospects.
      Thanks, Hunter

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