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Become an LGL Affiliate

Posted April 13, 2023 by Hunter Williams

How to become an LGL Affiliate

If you are a consultant to nonprofits, you hopefully know how helpful a comprehensive fundraising database like Little Green Light can be to your clients. We know that many consultants like to recommend LGL to their clients. But you may not know that through referring clients to LGL, you can pass along a $200 benefit to them and also receive a free LGL account for training and demo purposes.

How? It’s easy when you join the no-obligation LGL Affiliate Program!

Why become an LGL Affiliate?

The Little Green Light Affiliate Program is open to consulting firms and other organizations that manage or serve nonprofits, including regional or national organizations that have chapter affiliates as members.

As an Affiliate, each customer you bring to Little Green Light has the potential to generate $200 in referral fees. You can choose whether to split these fees with your referrals or pass ALL of it to your referral.

And, as an LGL Affiliate, we can provide you with a free Little Green Light account for training and demo purposes.

Interested in becoming an Affiliate? Click here and sign up today.

How the LGL Affiliate Program works

Each Affiliate receives a unique code to use in links for referrals. We will also provide you with a Little Green Light button to place on your website, as well as a pre-formatted template to send to your referrals.

Earn a credit of $200 for each referral who subscribes to Little Green Light and pays $200 or more in subscription fees.

Affiliates can choose one of the following:

1. Give 100% to your referral

2. Split it 50/50 with your referral

Testimonials about LGL from nonprofit consultants

“Little Green Light is my favorite resource to recommend! It is so affordable, flexible and very user friendly.  I’ve adapted LGL’s system to help organizations manage volunteers, run arts festivals, review and evaluate grant applications, and so much more.  I’ve found that my LGL clients, both large and small, love their systems and are able to hit the ground running. They also are able to leverage their donor information much more effectively than with other solutions. Additionally, LGL connects to so many other resources through Zapier and their native integrations that it’s easy to simplify processes and streamline operations, freeing up my clients’ valuable time for other efforts.” – Staci Lowell, LGL Affiliate Member

“We refer clients to LGL because of the low risk / low cost of entry. There are no contracts, no onboarding fees, and it’s easy to get their data out if they decide to move to another system. We also love how easy it is to import data. I can’t think of a system that has the ability to undo an import so easily. We always pass on the affiliate benefit to our clients so that it gives them a few months of free use of the database, which helps our clients feel comfortable with the move.” – Michelle Austin, LGL Affiliate Member

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