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Little Green Light named an Idealware Top Best Value Donor Management System

Posted April 25, 2017 by Timi Paccioretti

Idealware rated LGL in Top 11 donor management systems


Idealware’s third edition of its popular Consumers Guide to Low-Cost Donor Management Systems once again selected Little Green Light as one of its Top 11 Best Value Donor Management Systems. The report, published in February 2017, targeted small-to-medium nonprofits for whom fundraising is a priority. Of the 32 systems reviewed, only 11 were given the designation “Best Value” based on an evaluation of more than 150 criteria. According to Idealware, these 11 systems “had the best combination of functionality, price, and appeal for a number of common nonprofit needs” and comprised their “Best Value Shortlist.”


How did Little Green Light compare?

Little Green Light scored Good or Excellent in all but one category in Idealware’s Top 11 systems comparison. Overall, we were rated excellent in:

  • Managing donor information
  • Mail merging letters
  • Payment and website integration
  • Ease of use
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Product background


In the pricing comparison section, Little Green Light really shines. Excluding the “free” systems (which require quite a bit of configuration), Little Green Light’s price is extremely affordable compared to the other systems in the top 11: For an account of 1,000 records and 1 user, LGL’s price of $421/year is less than half of the average of the other systems ($1,084/year), and for an account with 20,000 records and 3 users, LGL’s price of $745/year is far below the average of the other systems ($4,734/year).

With pricing beginning at just $39/month or $421 for the year for up to 2,500 records and unlimited users, Little Green Light remains committed to providing a robust, affordable, and easy-to-use platform for nonprofits.


How to learn more about Little Green Light

We’re pleased that Idealware included Little Green Light in its in-depth comparison of donor management systems. We know that there are many choices available and that each nonprofit has unique needs. That’s why we believe it’s important to have the opportunity to try our system out before you make your decision. We’re committed to ensuring you can do just that!

We provide every account with a free 30-day period, so you and your team can try it out before subscribing. We also invite you to join one of our free Introductory Tour webinars so that you can see Little Green Light in action and ask us questions.


Little Green Light can transform the way you work. We love people, data, and simplicity. Our all-in-one fundraising and donor management system is our way of bringing these passions together. Little Green Light integrates with many of the tools you already use, and lets you manage your data in one central place online, accessible to your team from anywhere.

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