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Pro Tip: Power up your LGL account with our “Bulk edit” feature

Posted October 20, 2023 by Hunter Williams

Bulk update constituents in LGL

Nobody likes repetitive data entry, so it’s nice to know you can bulk edit a lot of constituent records all at once in Little Green Light. One of the easiest ways to do this is using the “Bulk edit” feature. This option appears as soon as you have selected one or more constituents on the Constituents tab (it also works in Events and Appeals).

How to make bulk updates to constituent records in LGL

Step 1: Select constituents individually or many at once:

constituent search in LGL


Step 2: Choose the “Bulk edit” option:

Once you’ve selected constituents, you’ll see the “Bulk edit” button. Clicking that button displays 10 different bulk actions you can take. You can add a note to each selected constituent, or a task, in addition to many other updates.

Bulk edit option in Constituents

One especially useful option is the ability to update categories. This short video demonstrates how you might use this, with an example of tagging everyone who is a current board member with the Group tag “VIP”.

If you’re interested in other ways to bulk update data in your Little Green Light account, please also see:

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