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Are your operations ready for a successful GivingTuesday?

Posted October 27, 2023 by Virginia Davidson

fundraising operations for GivingTuesday

With GivingTuesday on the horizon, you’re likely in the midst of finalizing your calls to action. You may also be finishing up a plan to retain donors who support you on GivingTuesday. It’s equally as important to ensure your operations are ready to lay the groundwork for a GivingTuesday that runs smoothly. If you’re using Little Green Light, check out our article on GivingTuesday preparedness and pay special attention to these three items:

Here are 3 key ways to prepare your operations for a successful GivingTuesday:

Test your donation form.

Since GivingTuesday is a day of online giving, it’s essential that you test your donation form to ensure it’s working as you intend.  In Little Green Light, you can test your form without actually making a gift. We recommend completing your testing well in advance, at least two solid weeks before GivingTuesday. This way, you’ll have time to make any necessary changes (and then test the form again!) and you won’t have to think about it over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Make sure you’re ready to send emails.

Most organizations send at least one email reminder about GivingTuesday on the day itself. Just as you tested your donation form, it’s important that your email is drafted and tested in advance as well, and that your email system is in order. If you’ll be using LGL Direct Email to send your email,  be sure that you’ve activated it a few weeks in advance and that you’re aware of any limitations if you’re a new email user.

Be prepared to acknowledge gifts.

Prepare an acknowledgment template in advance so you’re ready to say thank you as soon as gifts are made. Your donors will appreciate the promptness of your communication. Plus, you’ll save yourself the stress of having to create a thank-you letter under a time crunch. If you’re new to your organization and haven’t sent acknowledgments yet, start familiarizing yourself with the process early, so you understand the steps.


If you’re looking for more resources, check out this blog post on how to use LGL’s pre-built GivingTuesday donation form and GivingTuesday’s Toolkit for Nonprofits.

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