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Do your in-kind donors feel appreciated?

Posted November 3, 2023 by Virginia Davidson

in-kind donors appreciation

In-kind gifts can be a real asset to your organization. And while you likely have a system in place to record and acknowledge in-kind gifts, sometimes in-kind donors don’t receive the same level of stewardship that donors of financial gifts receive. Are they overdue for some attention from your organization? Read on to find out how to make sure your donors feel appreciated as the year draws to an end.

4 ways to make sure your in-kind donors feel appreciated

    1. Ensure in-kind gifts have been acknowledged. In-kind gifts are acknowledged differently from financial gifts. But, it’s still important that you send an acknowledgment to these donors, too. If you need to catch up on acknowledging in-kind gifts before the end of the year, check out our free guide on how to do so.
    2. Send an extra thank you to in-kind donors. The month of November is a perfect time to express gratitude. Send a brief, handwritten note to them at this time of year. It can go a long way in nurturing your organization’s relationship with them.
    3. Going forward, make a point to include these donors in your newsletter mailings and other communications your organization sends to your supporters.
    4. Next steps: As you look ahead to the next calendar year, consider if there are specific in-kind gifts your organization may need. If so, examine your list of existing in-kind donors and see if any of them may be able to fulfill that need. Now that you’ve communicated with them proactively, there’s a greater likelihood of retaining their support.


The support of in-kind donors is valuable to nonprofit organizations. As you’re busy managing your year-end appeal, it’s worth taking the time to also express gratitude to the in-kind donors who’ve supported you over the past year. Your investment in these types of donors can build increased support for your organization going forward.

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