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Case study: A land conservancy’s move to LGL

Posted October 28, 2021 by Teri Bicknell

Case Study: Land Conservancy & LGL

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Little Green Light customer Red-Tail Land Conservancy about their experience migrating from their old system to Little Green Light and the significant increase in fundraising they’ve experienced since then. We wrote a case study based on our conversation, sharing Red-tail’s best-practices approach to both migrating data into LGL and running a successful small-shop fundraising operation. The case study is available as a free download here.

Red-tail Land Conservancy, a land trust in Indiana, had a set of obstacles to fundraising. These mainly stemmed from technological investment not being prioritized, data that was not centralized, and a reliance on former staff’s institutional knowledge. To improve work processes, open up channels of communication with donors (and other interested parties who might become donors), and free up time for the Executive Director to focus on their mission, they decided to move from a membership management system and Excel spreadsheets to Little Green Light.

The case study lays out how Red-tail was able to migrate a large number of disparate data sources to LGL with the help of nonprofit consultant and LGL expert Rick Eaton, structuring and coding their data holistically in the process so that they could leverage it to better reach their constituency. They increased their philanthropic revenue significantly in just 15 months, as illustrated in the graphic.

Benefits of segmenting donor data

Download this free case study to read the inspiring story of how this three-person nonprofit organization set up and uses Little Green Light to boost the efficiency and efficacy of their fundraising operation, and their ability to effectively communicate with segments of their constituency.

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