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[Free webinar] Learn about LGL’s newest integration with Civic Champs

Updated July 20, 2023 by Hunter Williams

LGL and Civic Champs integration

Does your organization work with volunteers?

If the answer is yes, we bet you’ll love to learn about Little Green Light’s newest integration partner!

Little Green Light is excited to share that we’re partnering with Civic Champs, a software company that has built a mobile-first solution for volunteer signups, registrations, and engagement.

Civic Champs and Little Green Light both think it’s really important to have your volunteer data handy as you manage your donors. Many of your contributors provide a combination of time and money, so it’s important to be able to see all of that in one place and steward them appropriately.

Watch our free webinar to learn more

If you work with volunteers, be sure and catch the webinar LGL and Civic Champs are co-presented on July 20, 2023 to learn about the integration and how to activate volunteers as donors.

LGL & Civic Champs Webinar – Activating Volunteers as Donors: Mobilizing Passion and Impact

Description: In this free webinar, Geng Wang, CEO of Civic Champs, will discuss why volunteers are some of your best donor prospects and vice versa. He will delve into practical strategies, best practices, and innovative software solutions to convert passionate volunteers into committed donors. You’ll also learn about the integration between Civic Champs and Little Green Light, which is now open to beta users.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

    • Volunteering trends before and after COVID-19
    • Volunteer engagement, appreciation, and retention strategies
    • Engaging volunteers during peak moments through the power of microdonations
    • Building targeted donation campaigns from volunteer data
    • Using technology to combine your volunteer and donor data in order to maximize impact
    • And how Civic Champs volunteering data looks in your LGL account

Watch the recorded webinar now!

Invitation to join the beta integration with Civic Champs

Are you ready to get your Civic Champs data into Little Green Light?

Civic Champs is now offering a monthly sync to get your volunteer data from your Civic Champs account into your Little Green Light account.

To get started with this integration, go to the Integration Settings page in your Little Green Light account and click on the Civic Champs link on the left side of the page.

Special bonus for LGL customers: If you are new to Civic Champs, you will receive $200 off your initial subscription! Just make sure Civic Champs knows you are a Little Green Light customer as you sign up.

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