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LGL’s New Look and Feel

Posted June 29, 2023 by Hunter Williams

LGL updates it's look and feel

We’re excited to announce that LGL has a fresh new look available. This is like a new coat of paint, not a complete remodel. You shouldn’t feel lost at all; we’re just updating the colors and spacing, not how pages function or the navigation options. In the next several months, we will be moving all accounts to this new look. But you can get a head start by turning on the new look now.

Before sharing the details of the new look, we’d like to briefly explain our motivation for making this update. The primary objective is to make the LGL service even easier to use. As a data-intensive application, there is a lot of information on the screen and we wanted to help make it easier on the eyes. That meant adding a bit more spacing and brighter color options, including a new high-contrast black option.

Often when you make a change it takes a short period of adjustment, because you’re so used to the old way. That could be the case with this change as well, but for those of us who’ve been using it for a while during internal testing, we are confident in saying that you’ll start to like it quickly and not want to go back.

Importantly, you can still keep the exact color you are currently using for your account, in which case you are just getting the benefit of a bit better spacing and use of fonts with no change to the color scheme.

To activate the new look in your LGL account, go to Settings > Subscription Settings > Look & feel. You’ll see a box you can check to turn it on. Remember to click the “Save updates” button in the upper right of that page after making your selection.

Enable LGL new look and feel

What’s in the new look

The new look features:

  • Five new, brighter color choices for your account theme, including purple and black
  • More space between components (more breathing room)
  • Some fun styling elements
  • Consistent location for page names throughout the application

Color choices

There are now five additional color choices for your account. The new colors are brighter, and we have added a purple option as well as a dark higher contrast option. The previous colors are all still supported.

New look

New LGL color selector for app


old LGL color selector

Livelier look in navigation

The new styling of the navigation is lighter and has more breathing room.

New look

New spacing in LGL menus



Former view of LGL menus


Page titles are now on the left

Another change is that we are moving page titles from the right side of the page to the left and making a few other style changes, such as what is shown here on the Flex Importer page.

New look

Page titles in LGL app


former page titles in LGL


Again, you can turn on this new look in Settings > Subscription Settings > Look & feel. Remember to click the “Save updates” button in the upper right of that page after making your selection.

If you would like to share any feedback on this update, please use the Help page in your LGL account (the link is in the top right corner of every page).

We hope you enjoy the new look!

4 thoughts on “LGL’s New Look and Feel

  1. I haven’t tried the new option yet because I’m not looking forward to having more space because that means less information on the screen, more scrolling, harder to find.

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      We’d encourage you to give it a try. We think the extra spacing helps with making information be more accessible. If you wish, you can revert back to the old version if you’d like.

    1. The spacing difference should not cause much more scrolling. We hope it will just provide a bit more clarity of content. And, yes, you can choose to revert back if you wish.

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Comments are closed.

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