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10 resources to help guide nonprofits amidst coronavirus

Posted April 23, 2020 by Virginia Davidson

Coronavirus Resources for nonprofits

What tone do you strike with donors in the midst of a global pandemic? How do you support your coworkers and employees while working remotely? What should your board be doing? Will this crisis change philanthropy forever? We know you’re grappling with a lot of questions and hard decisions right now. We’ve sifted through countless resources and picked 10 articles that we think offer great perspective and provide clear, actionable steps for your organization to take in the days and months ahead.

Our top 10 coronavirus resources for nonprofits

What we have learned from crises and can use in the coronavirus age

This pandemic is unlike anything we’ve lived through. But it’s not the first crisis in recent history. This article explores how philanthropy was impacted by past crises, including the dot-com crash, September 11, and the Great Recession, and offers insights on how nonprofits can move forward in this one.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act: Key Fundraising Implications and Takeaways

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was signed into law on March 27. This article explains how the CARES Act will impact donors and nonprofit organizations in 2020.

From sustainability to survivability: How nonprofits can manage uncertainty in the time of COVID

This resource lays out five ways a nonprofit can increase its likelihood of success: Understand your cash position; assess damage to revenue streams; look at the dual bottom line; include everyone in the discussion; and communicate consistently.

How to cultivate donors and ask from a distance

In this article, Sandy Rees demonstrates that even in the midst of a pandemic, the basic rules of donor cultivation and stewardship don’t change—the methods do. She offers straightforward suggestions to help you successfully cultivate donors from a distance.

Soliciting gifts, gracefully, as the world falls apart

If you feel stuck while trying to write an appeal letter, this article will help you craft an effective solicitation. Al Cantor offers an example of a thoughtful, elegant, and sensitive way to solicit gifts in this time.

How to be an inclusive leader through a crisis

Many organizations have shifted to working remotely without much (if any) time to plan. This article provides specific tactics to help leaders prioritize inclusion during this time.

5 steps the best boards are taking right now

Not sure what your board should be doing? Joan Garry sets out five actionable steps your board members can take this week. One of our favorite tips: Select one or two people to fret about the money.

New to this work or just flat-out overwhelmed? Ground yourself in these nonprofit communications basics

You may be tending to communications for the first time due to layoffs, or you’re not sure how to communicate with stakeholders in the midst of this crisis. Either way, this article explains some simple elements that you can use to guide your organization’s communications.

Older dog, new tricks in the video age

Even if you’re used to videoconferences, you may be overwhelmed at the sudden Zoom-ification of your professional (and social) life. Gayle Gifford shares the facilitation skills she’s learned, as well as tricks to handle these meetings most efficiently.

5 tips + 25 ideas to take your nonprofit events virtual in the age of coronavirus

In the nonprofit world, spring = fundraising event season. But not this year. As you migrate to the world of virtual events, check out this article presenting 25 ideas for virtual events. And, it offers five overarching tips as your organization adapts its fundraising plan amidst this pandemic.


You work in the nonprofit sector, and that means you like to get things done and make a difference. We hope these 10 articles help you get your bearings in this unusual time and take steps forward in your fundraising efforts.

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