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New Product Updates: Fall Release Notes

Posted September 19, 2019 by Teri Bicknell

LGL Product updates

As fall 2019 rolls around, we’d like to share some updates we recently made to Little Green Light that you may want to be aware of:

  • Lists in Smart Fields
  • Editing team member name and time zone
  • In-kind gift status within an appeal
  • Constituent appeal count
  • Goal status within the constituent record
  • Constituent search criteria
  • LGL-QuickBooks integration updates

You can read more details about these updates in the sections below.

NEW! Lists in Smart Fields

This update to Smart Fields gives you the ability to add specific gift lists to a mailing. This feature has some cool applications, including:

  • An end-of-year letter that itemizes gifts given to the Annual Campaign (only)
  • A letter that itemizes gifts given during the past quarter

NEW! Ability to edit team member name (and time zone)

Any Administrator in a Little Green Light account can now edit a team member profile (with the condition that they aren’t a team member in another LGL account) and make updates to the first and last name, and to the team member’s time zone:

Edit user profile update


NEW! “In kind” gifts set the Appeal status to “Donated”

Now when you enter an in-kind gift for an appeal, the gift status is automatically set to “Donated” within the appeal:

appeal status update

You can also view the status within the “Appeal Req.” activity in the constituent record:

view appeal status update


NEW! Ability to view constituent counts in an appeal

You can now see how many constituents are in your appeals and how many have donated, from the Constituents/recipients column on the Appeals page in your account:

constituent count visible in appeal dashboard


NEW! Ability to view goal status in a constituent record

You can now see the status of each goal within the Related activity section of the constituent record:

goal status update


NEW! Nicknames constituent search criteria

You can now run constituent searches based on the Nicknames field (and you can search by “is not blank” for that field):

nicknames search update


NEW! LGL-QuickBooks integration updates

You can now view the sales receipt ID for each of your transactions within the Processed gifts tab on the Fundraising > QuickBooks > Review & sync page:

quickbooks integration updates


When you are collecting donations via an LGL form, it’s also now possible to automatically add them to your QuickBooks Online sync list by checking the box in the Record saving/Updating preferences section of your form’s mapping page:

qbo sync update

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