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Release Notes: July 2020 updates

Posted July 16, 2020 by Teri Bicknell

LGL Release Notes - July 2020

Over the past several weeks, Little Green Light’s developers have added and fixed a number of features that we’d like to share with you. Please see the list of our July 2020 updates below—including a few highlights at the top—and click on any item to jump to more details (then scroll up a little to see the item’s heading).

New updates


Additional new updates


LGL forms fixes

New updates


Setting an end date for a scheduled report

When you want to use a scheduled report for a limited period of time, you can set an end date as you are building it, in the “Save Export” step shown below:

add end date for scheduled reports

The soft credit Amount field now auto-populates during gift entry

Now when you are entering a gift, whenever the constituent has a relationship that is set to be automatically soft credited, the soft credit amount will be automatically filled in to match the gift amount, rather than needing to be manually filled in.

soft credits auto-populate in gift record

adding a soft credit

Customize form link text for each LGL form

Whenever you embed code on a webpage or in a social media channel, there is a text string included that reads, “Link to my LGL Form!” This text will display if your form can’t be rendered, such as on a Facebook post. You can now update this text from the “Publish” page for your form within LGL forms, as shown here:

customize form link text

Additional new updates

Duplicate checker now matches display even when there is a mismatch in capitalization

Now when the text matches but the capitalization does not match, the duplicate checker will display that a match is present (it used to find the match properly, but did not display the green “Match” text):

duplicate checker updates

External ID now included in duplicate checker, when present

The external ID now displays in the duplicate checker, if one is present:

external id visible in duplicate checker

During bulk gift entry, if you choose the “Sync to QuickBooks Online” setting it will be preserved for the next gift:

sync to quickbooks setting

“Do not acknowledge via LGL” values now preserved when entering multiple gifts

acknowledgment preference updates

Pending tribute notifications are now included in the Alerts section of the Dashboard

When you have created but not yet sent a tribute notification, a notification will appear in the Alerts section of your Dashboard:

tribute notification alerts

Mailchimp- and Constant Contact-subscribed constituents who are subscribed but can’t receive email (due to having no valid email address, being assigned the “Do not email” communication tag, or because they’re deceased) now generate a Dashboard alert:

Mailchimp alerts updates

Additional values can now be added to the “short lists” for QuickBooks Online

Within the Little Green Light integration with QuickBooks Online, it is now possible to add additional values (not just mapped ones) from a QuickBooks Online account to the “short lists” of Products/Services, Classes, and Payment Methods:

Quickbooks sync updates


Remove “Only show bulk emails” option from Ack. Letters “Sent mailings” tab

The “Sent mailings” tab for acknowledgment letters previously displayed an option to show only bulk mailings. This was not a contextually appropriate option to offer on this page, and it has been removed.

Sent mailings fix

Global constituent search box fixed to handle blanks

Previously, when searching using the global constituent search box (the gray search button in the upper-right corner on any Little Green Light page), if text was not inserted into the field LGL would automatically insert the word “comb” as the value in the Names field. Now if you search and the search box is empty, LGL takes you to your full constituent list in the Constituents tab.

Fix email signature box size

The size of the dialog box that pops open when you edit your email signature has been reduced so that it’s possible to see the “Save” button at the bottom more easily.

email signature box size fixed

The page limit for a constituent’s related activities is always set to 25

In the past, the constituent details page “Related activity” limit ranged from 25 to 50 results per page. It is now always set to 25 results per page.

page limits in LGL

LGL forms fixes

Copying a donation form with a minimum amount as a non-donation form

Previously, when copying a payment form with a minimum amount and changing the copy to a non-payment form type, when there was a minimum amount assigned to an Amount field the form would generate an error saying the amount was too small when the non-payment form was submitted. This has been fixed.

When the Amount field in an LGL form was hidden, loading the form caused an error

Previously, in LGL forms when an Amount form was set to hidden in Edit mode, the form would error out. This has now been fixed.

Display rule text in LGL forms previously caused an error when an apostrophe was included in the name of the display rule

In LGL forms, previously when you selected a display rule, if your field text (the name of the field, for example) contained an apostrophe, this would cause an error. This issue has been fixed, and punctuation such as apostrophes and commas no longer cause issues with display rules.

2 thoughts on “Release Notes: July 2020 updates

  1. Hi,
    we are thinking of investing with Little Green Light as our charties first CRM system however a colleague has suggested that you are just USA not UK!
    please can you advise?
    thank you

    1. Hi Patsy,
      Thanks for your interest in LGL. Although we are not limited to just the US, we are, unfortunately, not available in the UK due to GDPR requirements.


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