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LGL Release Notes: December 2023

Posted December 6, 2023 by Teri Bicknell

LGL Release Notes: December 2023



Integration updates



New user interface “look and feel” fixes

Additional fixes



Addition of an external ID field for volunteer time entries

We have added an external ID field for Vol. Time entries, which is similar to the external gift ID field, which allows existing volunteer time entries to be updated. This field can help with imports by:

  • Avoiding the creation of duplicates
  • Allowing the update of volunteer time entries

LGL data dictionary

Addition of “Pending Transfer” to daily digest email

We have added payments with a status of “Pending Transfer” (only applicable to ACH payments) to the LGL Forms submissions daily digest email.

Here’s where you can subscribe to the daily digest email:

Daily digest email

“Re-send email” button now available for tribute emails

Tribute emails now have the same re-send functionality as other email types.

Tribute notification emails

Integration updates


The API now allows constituent searches to be restricted by constituent type

in the LGL API (Application Programming Interface), it is now possible to restrict a constituent search based on constituent type.

API search results have been modified to eliminate the need for subsequent requests

We have updated the API constituent search results so a requester doesn’t have to make subsequent requests to get the full data they need. We have added an “expand” parameter that allows street_addresses, phone_numbers, email_addresses, web_addresses, categories, groups, memberships, or custom_attrs to be fully included within the results returned. See the API documentation for details.

Ability to query via API for gifts by date created and gift query fields

The API now has the ability to query for gifts, including parameters to filter the query by date created. This is not restricted by constituent ID.

Expose tribute-related gift fields in the API

We have added the following tribute-related gift fields to the API:

  • Tribute Name
  • Tribute Hon/Mem Name
  • Tribute Dedication
  • Tribute Recipient Name
  • Tribute Recipient Salutation
  • Tribute Recipient Email
  • Tribute Recipient Address
  • Tribute Notification Template


New user interface “look and feel” fixes

Help popup previously looked like a black box

In the new UI, some of the Help popups in LGL did not have enough contrast between the text and background color so that they were sufficiently readable. This has now been fixed.

Text alignment in search needed adjustment

In the new UI, there was a text alignment issue in search. This has now been fixed.

Shading in high-contrast mode needed adjustment

In the new UI, the shading in high-contrast mode made some sections of the interface difficult to read. This has now been fixed.

Additional fixes

Double the Donation integration now allows new donations to sync regardless of confirmation option

The Double the Donation Integration has been updated so that new donations sync regardless of whether a redirect confirmation option is used.

You can activate the Double the Donation integration in Integration Settings:

Double the donation integration page

Sorting gifts in tribute notifications previously included gifts not coded to the tribute

When sorting by gift type on the gift tab of a tribute notification mailing, the results of the sort were not restricted to just the tribute gifts. This has been fixed.

Tribute gift sort

“Gives anonymously?” checkbox not displaying correct value when editing categories from search

The “Gives anonymously?” checkbox didn’t display when checked, in some situations. This has been corrected.

Gives anonymously

List Manager sort not completely sorting

The sort functionality in List Manager was previously not working consistently. This has now been fixed.

List Manager sort

Giving summary not previously visible to team members with the Fundraiser role

Users with Fundraiser-level permissions were previously unable to see giving summary data in constituent search results. This has now been fixed.

Giving Summary Visibility

Right edge of Activity widget on dashboard previously cut off based on selected ack. template

There was an issue with the display of the Activity widget on the dashboard when acknowledgment templates were selected. This has been corrected.

Activity dashboard

Activity Access/Role permissions not sticking when saving

Activity Access/Role permissions did not appear to have been updated in the display when saved, though they were actually being saved. This has now been fixed.

Inactive stewards were previously displayed by some filters

Inactive stewards were previously being displayed in some filters within Fundraising > Giving. This has now been fixed.

Marking appeal as “Declined” not sticking

Some users were experiencing an issue where they would mark an appeal as “Declined” in a constituent record, but later when they entered a gift the appeal was still showing as “Open” in the new gift entry form. This has now been fixed.

Forms: “Re-send confirmation email” link should display based on the email field selected in the email confirmation settings

The “Re-send email confirmation” link in LGL form submissions was not being displayed when the first email field appearing on the form was blank (even if the confirmation would be going to a second filled-in email address). This has been fixed.

re-send email confirmation

Forms: Display rule based on input text does not automatically trigger when text is entered via an iPhone

When filling out a form on a iPhone, the display rule based on input text was not being automatically triggered. You had to exit the input field to trigger the display rule. This has now been fixed.

Form display rules

Forms: Incorrect amount descriptions were previously recorded for gift when a custom value gift was selected

In LGL Forms, when using suggested and custom amount fields, the amount description was not cleared out when a custom value was selected. This has now been fixed.

Custom donation amounts in LGL Forms

Forms: Style of recurring interval text previously wouldn’t apply when only one donation schedule selection was present

In LGL Forms, when only one donation schedule option for a recurring gift was present, the theme style was not being correctly applied and the text was not displaying properly. This has now been fixed.

Donation schedule selector

Forms: Automatically sync when a payment is resubmitted successfully

When a re-submitted payment was successful, it was not automatically syncing to LGL when syncing was enabled. This has now been fixed.

Forms: When an ACH payment completed, the submission date was previously updated

For the ACH payment feature, the submission date was previously being updated when the ACH payment completed. This has been fixed so the submission date remains set as the date the donor submitted the form.

Forms: There was previously inconsistent formatting for some items in confirmation emails versus on the confirmation page

The format of multiple items in the confirmation page previously included line breaks that were not present in the confirmation email. We have fixed the confirmation email so the format more closely matches that of the confirmation page.

confirmation email fixes

Forms: Relationship mapping between constituents was not previously copied over when duplicating forms

When duplicating forms, the relationship mapping on the original form was not being copied over to the new form. This has now been fixed.

Forms: In enhanced checkout with Stripe, Zip code and CVV previously always appeared, even when not required

When using the enhanced Stripe checkout, the Zip code and CVV were always present in a payment form, even when the form verification options had them turned off. Since this is a requirement from Stripe and we cannot turn off the Zip code and CVV requirement, we made these two changes:

  • We made this obvious to users by removing the verification options when Stripe-enhanced checkout is used in the form
  • LGL Forms now displays a message that Zip code and CVV are always required when using enhanced checkout with Stripe

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