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Three ways for fundraisers to finish the year strong

Posted December 14, 2023 by Virginia Davidson

Finish the fundraising year strong

There are times toward the end of the calendar year when you may feel like you’re limping to the fundraising finish line. But the work you do in the year’s final weeks can ensure not only a strong end to the current year, it can also kick off a good start to the year ahead.

Here are three ways fundraisers can finish the year strong:

1. Send a final reminder the last week of the year.

You’ve put so much work into your year-end appeal that it’s hard to imagine it’s not top of mind for its recipients. But with all the activities at the end of the year, it’s common for solicitations to get lost in a pile of mail or buried in an inbox. Send one last reminder as December 31 approaches, in case recipients have been too busy to pay attention yet. If you feel like you’re bugging your constituents, take this great advice from Sandy Rees: “Ask once more than you’re comfortable with.”

2. Stay on top of acknowledgments.

As December ends, you can expect a flurry of last-minute contributions that will need your attention. Make a point to tend to acknowledgments on a regular basis throughout December so you’re ready to handle that deluge of last-minute gifts when it happens. That way, you can avoid starting the new year feeling like you’re already behind.

3. Make a plan to plan.

If you don’t already have a fundraising plan for the new year, take a moment now and reserve time on your calendar in January to focus on creating one. If you do have a fundraising plan in place, you can still benefit from dedicating time to it in January. Revisit your plan and make adjustments based on experiences with your year-end appeal.


By prioritizing those three tasks, you’ll be in a position to end this year strong and have the foundation you need to fundraise successfully in the new year.

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