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Making referrals to LGL just got easier and more rewarding

Posted August 17, 2022 by Hunter Williams

Making referrals to LGL

We love hearing our customers share how happy they are using Little Green Light. We’re even happier when they refer LGL to other nonprofits!

“When we first started looking into Little Green Light, we were certain it was too good to be true—user-friendly, easily adaptable, personal customer service, and an excellent value? All true! We have been very, very satisfied with LGL overall and have recommended the service many times to other organizations. It’s NOT too good to be true!”  — Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua, NH

“I want to say how happy I am with LGL. We are a small nonprofit and we transitioned from a FileMaker Pro database to LGL last summer. I have referred 2 other local nonprofits to LGL and they are also very pleased with the decision to use your platform.” — Helping Our Women, MA

“I have been nothing but pleased with LGL and recommend it to other nonprofits as the donor database of choice.” — Friends of Sax-Zim Bog, MN

Did you know that you can be rewarded when you refer your friends to LGL?

Personal referrals have always been the number-one way that customers find out about Little Green Light. We really appreciate those referrals, and to express our gratitude we are increasing the benefit to referrers and to referred organizations. This change will apply both to the LGL Refer a Friend program and to our LGL Affiliate program.

What is the benefit of making referrals?

When you make a referral, your referred organization will receive a $100 credit in their account, and when the referred organization goes on to pay for an LGL subscription your LGL account will also get a $100 credit. There are no limits to this program, so it could be a great way to get some (or all) of your organization’s LGL subscriptions fees paid for.

Do I need to opt into this referral program?

No, this referral program is now available to every subscribing LGL account. We no longer require a separate opt-in to the Refer a Friend program. Instead, we have updated our overall Terms of Service so they now incorporate the Refer a Friend Program Terms & Conditions.

How do I make a Refer a Friend referral?

As long as you are a team member in a subscribing LGL account, you can share the account prefix of your account (as in with your friends.

When they set up a new LGL account, they’ll use that prefix in the “Referral Code” field when prompted. A credit will be added to their account, and if they choose to subscribe the credit will be deducted from the amount due on their invoice. Then, your LGL account will be credited a $100, too!

You can also make referrals via email and monitor the progress of referrals you’ve made by clicking the “Refer a Friend” link in the top right corner of your subscribing LGL account:

LGL Refer a friend dashboard

Updates to the LGL Affiliate Program

For consultants and other service providers in the LGL Affiliate Program, we have also increased the payouts available to you. When you choose the 50/50 split option, you will now receive $100 as the referrer and $100 will go to the referred account.

If you are a consultant to nonprofits and are not yet a member of our Affiliate program, we invite you to learn how you can get started.

Fine print

Please note: The change in Refer a Friend and Affiliate payouts will affect referrals from this point forward only. Any referrals established previously are set to the earlier rates, which was $75 to each party.

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