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How to use LGL Email to manage your membership renewals

Posted February 7, 2019 by Hunter Williams

membership renewals via LGL Email

Sending out timely membership renewals is a key way you can keep your members and donors engaged with your organization. It also offers a chance to make a direct connection with those who support your organization’s mission—a powerful gear in your fundraising engine.

While it’s not a completely automated process to email your renewals using Little Green Light (LGL), you can get very close by combining scheduled reports (queries) with the built-in LGL Direct Email feature. When you are ready to send out your membership renewal emails using LGL, please follow the four steps laid out below.

Step 1: Query/schedule your report

Set up a constituent query and export the results to create a report. Then set a schedule for the report to run on an automated timeframe (every weekday, every Monday, or every month).

Step 2: Set up LGL Direct Email

Make sure your LGL account is enabled to send direct email.

Step 3: Create an email template

Set up an email template that pulls the appropriate merge fields into your email.

Step 4: Send your LGL email

Follow these instructions to send your membership renewal email.


When you use the powerful search capabilities in your LGL account and export the results into a scheduled report, you can make sending out timely membership renewals both doable and scalable.

Did you know?

Semi-automated emails can be handy for more than just membership renewals. Take a look at how you can use this time-saving functionality in other ways:

  • A welcome email from the Executive Director to constituents who were first-time donors last week
  • A reminder to donors who have pledge installments coming due in the next month
  • A reminder to attendees from a previous annual event to save the date for this year’s event
Additional resources

For more guidance on working with memberships in LGL, please refer to these resources:

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