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Refer a Friend to LGL – it’s now easier than ever!

Posted July 15, 2021 by Hunter Williams

LGL refer a friend program

Did you know that LGL offers a Refer a Friend program?

If you’re a happy Little Green Light customer, maybe you’ve recommended LGL to a colleague at another nonprofit. But, did you know there’s an easy way to give that colleague a $75 credit for their new LGL account? And better yet, that your account will also get a $75 credit if they become an LGL customer?

It’s easy to use the Refer a Friend program

We’ve always loved referrals. In fact, word of mouth is by far the largest source of new customers for Little Green Light. And, while we’ve offered a Refer a Friend program for years, it is now easier to use than ever. Key improvements include:

  • Only one person at your organization needs to sign up for the Refer a Friend program, which will activate the program for your entire LGL account.
  • Your LGL account code or prefix (as in is now your referral code. This makes it much easier to remember, and to pass along, your referral code. (No need to remember 74fhr8xv, or anything like that, anymore!)

How can I participate in LGL’s Refer a Friend program?

The Refer a Friend program is available to all subscribing LGL accounts. To see if you’re already signed up, or to sign up, click the “Refer a friend” link in the top right corner of your account. Any Administrator in your account can sign up your account.

Sign up for LGL Refer a Friend program

Once signed up, you can start passing along your referral code (your account key). People signing up for a new account can enter that code to get their $75 credit instantly—they can enter that code when verifying their new account or when they subscribe for the first time in their new account.

How can I make referrals once I’m signed up?

In the Referrals area of your LGL account, you’ll see a place where you can send referrals via email, get a referral badge for your website, and see the status of the referrals you’ve made:

make referral to refer a friend program


To our many customers who have made referrals in the past, we’re so grateful! If you haven’t already, we hope you’ll take advantage of the Refer a Friend program to get credit for all your future referrals. Thanks!

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