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New resource for libraries using LGL

Posted July 27, 2023 by Virginia Davidson

Free fundraising guide for Libraries

If you’re fundraising for a library, whether through a Friends group, foundation, or other entity, the funds you raise strengthen your library and your community at large. Fundraising for libraries also presents a unique challenge: patron data isn’t available to you, so it’s up to your efforts to find potential donors and retain them. Since you can’t rely on your library’s patron database, it’s critical that the names and contact information you gather are stored in a secure, accessible, and useful way so that you can steward donors.

But to effectively fundraise, you need to be able to do more than store names and gift details. You need to be able to access and use that information in meaningful ways in order to build relationships and maximize your fundraising efforts on behalf of the library.

That’s where a donor management system like Little Green Light comes in, and that’s why we’ve put together a free resource to show you how Little Green Light can support your fundraising efforts.

In this guide, we show you how to use Little Green Light to perform key functions:

  • Track different segments of constituents
  • Store constituent information and streamline the entry of that data
  • Plan, create, and report on solicitations
  • Manage events
  • Track grants, major asks, and planned gifts

We also point you directly to additional resources you can refer to as you use Little Green Light.

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Using LGL at Libraries ebook

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