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Highlights from the LGL User Group

Posted February 2, 2023 by Timi Paccioretti

LGL User Group highlights

Over the last several years, the number of LGL users participating in our online user community on Facebook has risen exponentially. With over 4,100 members and growing, the LGL User Group is a great resource for both new and experienced users to connect with one another, offer suggestions on best practices, and ask questions about using LGL and other related platforms.

Here at LGL, we are thrilled that our customers have embraced this resource and often go out of their way to provide advice and encouragement to others in the community. It is truly a place where the spirit of LGL lives and breathes!

If you’ve not yet had an opportunity to visit the User Community, we invite you to do so. You can request to join using your personal Facebook profile (Note: Pages are not able to join the group). We ask that you review the LGL User Group Policies & Guidelines in the About section of the group and pay special attention to #2, which requests that technical assistance be directed to our support team rather than to the User Group. Our support team does not actively monitor this group, so the best way to receive personalized support is always by emailing us at

LGL User Group highlights

For a sneak peak at the types of questions and discussions that occur in the group on a regular basis, check out some of these recent threads.

Asking for auction software recommendations

We’re a small school that hosts an annual in-person silent auction. Does anyone have recommendations for auction software that we might use? Ideally, we’d like to handle all from event ticketing & registration, to auction bidding (on-site and on-line), to donation and payment processing.

See thread for suggestions

Best practices for email or printed acknowledgments

I am struggling with whether to migrate to emailing thank you’s for some or all of our donations. Even with LGL, the letters take time to do, and the price of stamps is increasing in a few weeks. My current thought is to move to emails only for gifts below $250 and letters to those who give $250 or more. I’m curious what you do. We are a small public library with an Annual Appeal that brings in about 300 donations in two months’ time.

See thread for suggestions

Out of curiosity, what is your turn-around time for gift/donation acknowledgment letters? We are a small, mostly volunteer-run organization; I’m the only staff person at this time of year and am very part-time (10hr/wk). Our current practice is to send a postal letter with at least a hand-written signature, very often a longer note, for every donation of any size. What is best-practice? What is acceptable? Thanks for your thoughts.

See thread for suggestions

Gift entry best practices

Question… when you receive a donation through a donor advised fund, how do you enter it?

See thread for responses

Reference requests by like organizations

Are there any membership organizations with ~1000 members/family units that would be willing to chat with me about your experience with LGL?

Data tracking question

We just gave out Christmas treat boxes to our top constituents and some with giving potential, and I want to put a record in LGL. Would you do it as a mailing? Add a contact report for each one?

See responses

Using Integrations

Just been reading a discussion about Mailchimp vs. Constant Contact.  What are the differences? Why do you prefer one over the other?

See responses


As you can see, many different types of discussions are happening in the LGL Community every day. We invite you to join this growing community if you haven’t already, or share it with your colleagues if they aren’t aware of this valuable resource.

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