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An update on LGL’s integration with Zapier

Posted May 7, 2021 by Hunter Williams

2021 update on LGL integration with Zapier

This post provides a progress update on our integration with Zapier, which allows Little Green Light customers to pull data from many different sources into their LGL accounts. We announced the launch of our private Zapier integration here on our blog in June 2020, and that article provides a nice summary of how Zapier works. LGL is now fully launched in the Zapier app directory.

What kinds of apps can integrate with LGL via Zapier?

Over 150 LGL accounts have used Zapier to bring in data from all kinds of software: Google forms, Google Sheets, Eventbrite, Facebook, Mailchimp, and numerous donation forms providers (Donorbox, GiveLively, GivingFuel, and WooCommerce). We’ve also seen transactions from Shopify. Some of the donation forms are pulling directly from the form submissions, while others are coming from the forms’ back-end payment processors, such as Stripe.

Of course, our own LGL forms service can be used for donation forms that easily sync data into LGL as well. But, it’s great that Zapier allows customers to use all kinds of other form solutions as well.

3 example uses of the Zapier integration

We reached out to some customers who are using Zapier to find out how the integration is helping them and how complex it was to set up. Some of the responses we received are included below as mini case studies in how Zapier has enabled customer data to be brought in from:

  • Donorbox
  • Give Lively / Stripe
  • Google Sheets

Case Study #1: Integrate Donorbox to LGL via Zapier

Meals on Wheels Spokane, Donorbox

Shauna Brink of the Meals on Wheels Spokane & Mid-City Senior Center said they “use Zapier to integrate Donorbox with our LGL account. It’s a huge timesaver as I just click through each donation in the integration queue, and save or edit the information as needed. Saves me from entering each donation, or adding new constituents to LGL every time a new donation comes through from our website.”

As for the difficulty of setting up the integration, Shauna said, “While it did take a few tries to fine-tune the mapping of Donorbox fields to LGL, it was not very complicated at all, and would be especially easy for someone who is familiar with field-mapping in the first place.”

Meals on Wheels Spokane’s donation form (Donorbox) that integrates to LGL via Zapier:

Heartwood Haven, Donorbox

Hope Hilman from Heartwood Haven has also used Zapier to integrate a Donorbox form to LGL via Zapier. She explained, “The transfer happens instantly and allows us to send thank you’s and other correspondence to donors quickly because the information is readily available. Prior to using Zapier we would have to download CSV files and then manually upload them to LGL. It makes things quick and easy and saves us tons of time on manual uploads. For the cost, Zapier is well worth it. Setting up the Zapier integration was simple and easy by following the steps provided by Zapier on their website.”

Heartwood Haven’s donation form (Donorbox) integrates to LGL via Zapier:

Donorbox donation form integrated via Zapier

Case Study #2: Give Lively integration to LGL via Zapier

Convergence Resource Center, Give Lively via Stripe

Catherine (Draeger) Pederson is a consultant (Loving Venti Consulting) who has been working with her client Convergence Resource Center to streamline their operations. Catherine explains, “We use a dynamic donation platform (Give Lively) that uses Stripe to process the donations from peer campaigns, text-to-give, and event giving. Using Zapier we automatically send those transactions from Stripe to LGL, which has saved us hours of time compared to downloading and uploading data from one platform to the next.

The most complicated thing was aligning fields with all the options from Stripe; honestly, I could probably still use some help with that… but for now, I know that most of the information is transferring.”

Convergence Resource Center’s donation form (Give Lively) integrates to LGL from Stripe via Zapier:

GiveLively integration with LGL via Zapier


Case Study #3: Google Sheets integration with LGL via Zapier

Little Green Light, Google Sheet

We actually use Zapier ourselves here at Little Green Light to solve a real-world problem. We maintain a spreadsheet of cases where there’s an issue with a check we’ve received from a customer. And we use our own LGL account to send emails to these customers. The issue we had was how to get the data from that spreadsheet into LGL most efficiently, so we set up a Zapier integration that pulls in new rows of data from our Google Sheet and automatically pushes that data into LGL where we can then finish the process by sending an email to the customer. Voila!

Google sheet integration with LGL using Zapier


LGL listing in Zapier’s app directory 

Want to explore ways you can take advantage of Zapier to bring data into LGL? To see some suggested software to integrate into LGL, please see our page in the Zapier app directory. You can also search Zapier for software to see if they provide a Trigger that could be used to push your data into LGL.

LGL listing in Zapier app directory

Connect LGL to apps via Zapier

Are you using LGL’s integration with Zapier? We’d love to learn more about it. Share how you’ve used the integration in the Comment section below.

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