2019 Feature Updates to LGL: Mid-Year Release Notes

Posted May 2, 2019 by Teri Bicknell

2019 feature updates in LGL

In the first part of 2019, we have rolled out these updates to Little Green Light:

  • LGL-QuickBooks integration
  • Automatic address deduplication
  • Email signatures
  • Customizing Giving Status definitions and addition of New Donor status
  • Customizable fields for volunteer time entries
  • Ability to allow gift cloning, to make entering recurring payments easier

You can read more about these updates below.

NEW! LGL-QuickBooks integration

Little Green Light is now integrated with QuickBooks Online (QBO).

The synchronization between LGL and QBO helps you create sales receipts in QuickBooks (QB) without needing to re-enter any data. You can set default mappings to populate the Product/Service and Class fields in your QuickBooks account and match or create QuickBooks Customers based on your LGL constituents.

The integration is a two-way process that pulls back the deposit information for each transaction, once you’ve connected it to a deposit in your QuickBooks account.

You can turn on this integration in Settings > Integration settings:

2019 update: LGL integration with QuickBooks

Read more about this feature in the Knowledge Base.

NEW! Automatic address deduplication

When you enable this new feature in your account, all addresses within a given constituent record are deduplicated on an ongoing basis. This feature works best when you also have the Address Verification feature turned on, as that service normalizes addresses and makes them easy to match (and de-dupe).

Mailing address deduplication

Read more about this feature in the Knowledge Base.

NEW! Email signatures

You can now use a personalized signature in emails, and each member of your team can use and update their own individualized email signature. You can also add an image to your email signature.

To view and update your email signature, go to the Manage Senders tab on your Mailings > Emails page:

2019 update: add email signatures

Read more about this feature in the Knowledge Base.

NEW! Customizing Giving Status definitions and addition of New Donor status

You can now customize the criteria LGL uses to apply Giving Status tags, including:

  • Top Donors
  • Lapsed Donors
  • Consecutive Years Giving
  • New Donors (just added!)

You can edit these criteria on your Settings > Subscription settings > Gift settings page:

2019 update: customizing giving statuses in LGL

Read more about this feature in the Knowledge Base.

NEW! Customizable fields for volunteer time entries

You can now add custom volunteer groups and categories for volunteering, giving you more ways to slice and dice your volunteering data. A good example is if you want to track the type of volunteering work (river clean-up, admin, tours, etc.) and you want to track the company that sent people.

You can set up these attributes in Settings > Menu items > Volunteering menu items:

customizable volunteer categories

Read more about this feature in the Knowledge Base.

NEW! Ability to allow gift cloning

It is now possible to clone a gift, helping to save time on gift entry. The process preserves all the information from the gift being cloned, except for the acknowledgment template.

To enable gift cloning, go to the Settings > Subscription settings > Gift settings page, and select the “Clone gifts” check box. To clone a gift, find it in search results (in Fundraising > Giving) and click Actions > Clone. Here’s where you can turn on the feature:

gift settings in LGL

2019 update: ability to clone gift entries in LGL

Read more about this feature in the Knowledge Base.

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