Release Notes: August 2018 Updates

Posted August 29, 2018 by Teri Bicknell

August 2018 updates

Over the past few months, we’ve made some updates in Little Green Light to the following features:

  • List Manager
  • Fundraising Views
  • Searching and reporting
  • Mailings
  • Constituent contact information
  • In-kind gift entry
  • Donor Retention Dashboard widget
  • LGL Forms

Please keep reading for a description of each update.


Updates to List Manager

NEW! Add a “Type” to a list, favorite a list, and add a description to a list

You can now classify and describe your lists in new ways, making them easier to manage and use.

Classify your lists by “Type”: Add new list types by going to your Settings > Menu items > Other menu items > List menu items page and adding the types that you want to use:

List types in LGL


Once you have added a list type, you can edit a list and assign the list type to it:

Editing list types in LGL


“Favorite” specific lists and make them “stick” to the top of all your lists by going to your List Manager page and clicking the star next to the list name:

Making lists sticky in LGL


Give your list a description by editing the list and completing the Description field

List description field in LGL

Update to Fundraising Views

NEW! Ability to view by single-select custom gift fields

You can now view your giving data through the lens of any single-select custom gift field that exists in your account:

search by custom gift fields in LGL

Custom gift field fundraising view

Updates to searching and reporting

NEW! Search for constituents by custom gift fields

You can now search for constituents by any gift that has a custom gift field assigned to it by clicking into the dropdown menu shown below and selecting the custom gift field:

advanced search box in LGL

Searching custom gift fields in LGL


NEW! Export related gifts

It is now possible to export related gifts. To see an example of how this works, please view how to export related gifts on soft credits.

Update to LGL mailings: Deductible total in acknowledgment mailings

NEW! Include deductible amount in an acknowledgment mailing

A recent update to the “[[gifts.ack.custom_list]]” merge field adds a total sum for the deductible amount column in an acknowledgment mailing. If you include “deductible_amount” in the custom options for this merge field, the gifts’ deductible amount column will include a total at the bottom.

Here is how the merge field should appear in your acknowledgment letter template:



Update to constituent contact information: Address deduplication

NEW! Deduplicate your constituent address data

It’s now possible to dedupe your constituent addresses by turning on this new feature from Settings > Subscription settings and scrolling down the page to check the “Deduplicate mailing addresses automatically?” box:

dedulpicate mailing addresses in LGL

This feature allows your mailing addresses to be deduplicated continually as a background process. You can read more about how this works in the help article.


Update to in-kind gift entry

New! Add a quantity (in pounds) to an in-kind gift

You can now add a pound quantity to an in-kind gift. Turn this feature on in Settings > Subscription settings > Gift settings. Once the feature is turned on, when you select the gift type of “In Kind” the Quantity field appears, and you can enter the number of pounds.

track quantity of in kind gifts in LGL

You can also search and report using the “Quantity” field.


Update to the Donor Retention Dashboard widget

New! View your donor retention data year to date

You can now select to view your donor retention data year to date by selecting the “Year to date?” checkbox, as shown here:

donor retention widget in LGL


Updates to LGL Forms

NEW! Editing your form title and description is now easier

When you are editing any form, the title field is now more visible. Just click the Edit Form Title & Description button to edit your form’s title and/or its description:

Editing form titles in LGL

edit form title button in LGL


NEW! Edit a phone number within the form submission

The “Phone number” field within a form submission is now editable, so you can make changes when needed. Just click the pencil icon within the submission in LGL Forms and you’ll be able to edit the field. This is most useful on recurring donations if the donor entered an incorrect or now out-of-date phone number, and you want to prevent the wrong number from being added to your data in LGL with each recurring donation.

Edit phone number field in form submission in LGL


If you have questions about these updates, or anything else about using LGL, please reach out to our Support team by completing the “Contact us” form on the Help page in your account.

8 thoughts on “Release Notes: August 2018 Updates

  1. Thanks for these updates!

    Would you also consider making the prefix and suffix editable on LGL Forms? We’ve had some folks mis-enter their info (put their first name in the prefix field, for example), and it’s obnoxious to not be able to straighten it out.

  2. Several of these updates seem to be specifically for us at Berkshire Grown! How exciting to now be able to record donations as “pounds” and the change to the forms title editing will make life MUCH easier. Not to mention the editability of the recurring payment submissions.

    Keep up the great work and fingers crossed more of our hoped-for changes are coming up soon (i.e. alerts if a form submission is over-writing a previously recorded/saved submission).

    1. Hi Patricia! Thanks for the feedback! We’re thrilled that you are pleased with some of our new releases!


  3. Hi
    We are a long time user of Little Green Light and yet some days i feel like I am a beginner. I know you have great Webinars for training purposes. Have you ever considered an in person workshop/conference perhaps with breakout sessions or do you ever do an in person in-service on site. Obviously cost on both sides of the equation are factors. Just asking

    1. Hi Sister Maureen,

      At this time we do not offer in-person trainings. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. We’ll be sure to take them into consideration.


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