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10 awesome resources on how to raise more money at year-end

Posted September 5, 2018 by Virginia Davidson

year-end fundraising ideas

As the calendar turns to autumn each year, fundraisers at nonprofits of all sizes and missions shift their focus to their year-end fundraising appeal. It’s a big endeavor, and with good reason—most donors choose to make their charitable contributions in December. We’ve compiled this collection of 10 resources that offer practical tips and suggestions to help you put together a successful year-end fundraising appeal this year.

Resource #1

If this is the first appeal you’re managing, you may be feeling especially overwhelmed. We recommend spending time with our ebook, Six Steps to a Successful Fundraising Appeal, which will help you learn how to put together an effective appeal for your organization. It’s also a great resource for veteran fundraisers looking for a refresher or for new inspiration!

Resource #2

Long before your appeal letters arrive in your donors’ mailboxes, you can take important steps to make sure your appeal will be effective. Check out How to lay the groundwork for a successful appeal.

Resource #3

It’s hard to measure the success of an appeal if you don’t know how much money you need to raise. We can show you how to set realistic goals using a gift pyramid.

Resource #4

Are you staring at a blank computer screen as you try to write a compelling appeal letter? We offer some tricks to help fundraisers combat writer’s block.

Resource #5

More and more donors choose to make their year-end gifts online—are your donation forms ready for action? Learn how to create donation forms your donors will love.

Resource #6

For donors who write your organization a check, you can increase the likelihood of their support by including effective remittance envelopes with your appeal letter.

Resource #7

If you’re not using a mail house, the responsibility for folding, stamping, and sealing the appeal letters may be looming on your to-do list. Organize volunteers to help with a bulk mailing and you’ll save yourself time and effort!

Resource #8

You can run through our 7 tips to improve email appeals to make sure your email solicitations will help bring in donations.

Resource #9

It’s always rewarding to see donations arrive in response to your appeal. Be ready to thank those donors with prompt and donor-centric thank you letters.

Resource #10

Last but not least, this is a busy time of year for you too, which means it’s especially important to take care of yourself. We hope you’ll follow these 5 tips to help busy fundraisers manage stress.

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