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LGL a powerful ally to political campaigns

Posted September 13, 2012 by Hunter Williams

News Flash. November 8, 2012. Congratulations to Shemia Fagan for winning over incumbent State Rep. Patrick Sheehan, R-Clackamas, in Oregon House District 51.

When it comes to fundraising, few organizations focus as keenly on tracking constituents as political campaigns. They manage not only donations, but also volunteer activities, everything to do with events, numerous mailing lists used for multiple purposes, and even folks who’ve agreed to post lawn signs and when the signs have been taken down.

We’re delighted that a growing number of political campaigns have discovered that LGL can help them do all this work. With so many state elections due this year, it could be big: Out of the nearly 7,400 state legislature seats in the U.S., almost 6,400 are up for election in November 2012.

Steve Robinson is the treasurer for Oregon State Rep. Nancy Nathanson (District 13 in Eugene). He said “LGL is a big step up from the database we used to use. It is much easier to keep track of communications with supporters of various types—individuals, organizations, lobbyists—and all the activities—letters, volunteering, fundraising—that are critical in a campaign.”

Shemia Fagan, running for District 51 in the Oregon House of Represenatives, has found LGL easy to use and helpful in tracking information about everyone involved with her campaign. “I was amazed at how quick and easy it was to get up and running on LGL,” said Ms. Fagan, “and as our campaign starts to heat up, LGL is my only database management system and it will help me stay on top of the vast amounts of tasks, names, and information that need to be managed in a winning campaign.”

We hope we can be part of the winning formula for any of our customers who are on the campaign trail.

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