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Little Green Light unveils new website

Posted January 13, 2013 by Hunter Williams

The new website is here! The new website is here!

 Months in the making, our new website represents a major step forward in how we are presenting ourselves to the world. Some of the improvements we’re most excited about include:

 – New look and feel: the lighter background, more white space and a more “breathable” font combine to make the site feel more lightweight, in keeping with our brand name and focus on ease of use.

 – Customer profiles: we put the customer first in everything we do, so it’s appropriate that we’re featuring our customers and their good work prominently on our new homepage

 – Responsive design: the new site works much better on phones than our old site.

 – Features page: we’ve created a page to highlight 12 key features in LGL, with an animated 1-2 minute video clip for each one

 We’re currently running a 50/50 test, so visitors will go to the new site half the time, so we can make sure everything is running smoothly before we launch it at 100%. During the test period, if you want to see the new site, you can force the new version by going to

 Feedback (especially praise), will be warmly received at

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