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Are you a member of the LGL User Community yet?

Posted March 3, 2020 by Timi Paccioretti

Join the LGL User Community

In November 2017, Little Green Light began the LGL User Group on Facebook. Today it is over 2,000 members strong!

Our goal when we started this group was to provide a way for our customers and prospective customers alike to connect with one another. We hoped it would be a place where they could share their fundraising challenges and solutions, pose questions to their peers, and share a variety of information relating to donor management best practices to help fellow users get the most out of using LGL.

Not only is that happening, but we are also seeing a wonderful collaboration occurring between our customers and consultants. It has simply exceeded our expectations, and we couldn’t be happier! In addition to these online conversations, we have even begun to see a few local, in-person gatherings being organized by group members, like this one:

User Group gathering


By the way, if you’re planning to hold a local LGL User event, be sure to let us know. We will send out some LGL Swag for you to share with your attendees.


A few things to know about the LGL User Community

First, although the staff at LGL set up the group and act as moderators, we generally do not actively participate in conversations. Messages posted by LGL User Group members are solely the opinion and responsibility of the person posting the message. If we see that incorrect information is being shared and has not been corrected by another member, we may comment to provide clarification.

Second, we ask all users to comply with our Community Posting Policy, with the most important rules being:

  1. Treat others as you want to be treated.
  2. Request for technical assistance: The LGL User Group is not the place to request technical assistance from Little Green Light. LGL utilizes a queue-based help desk to answer technical support-related questions. Only requests submitted at will receive a response from the LGL Support Team.
  3. Solicitation of group members by vendors is strictly prohibited.

What do members discuss in the LGL User Community?

The topics are as varied as the types of nonprofit organizations that LGL serves, but here are a few examples of recent conversations:

  • Poll question: What is your organization’s preferred way or best practice for Addressees and Salutations?
  • Question: Can someone show me some examples of how they have successfully used Events in LGL?
  • Share a function/use that SURPRISED you that you could do with LGL.
  • I have a new Development Coordinator starting in a week and I was wondering what you thought are the essentials a new person needs to learn about LGL. Do you have a video or post you like that would be good for the orientation/training schedule?
  • Has anyone created a policy and procedure manual on how to best enter/use data in LGL?

How can you join the LGL User Community?

Luckily, that’s easy! To request to join the group, just click here. Please be sure to answer the questions as that will facilitate a quick approval of your request.

If you have any suggestions on how to make the group even better, please share your ideas in the Comments. We’d love to hear them.

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