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Little Green Light makes in-person fundraising simpler and faster

Posted January 13, 2013 by Chris Bicknell

People used to primarily gather in empty classrooms or meeting rooms in houses of worship to strategize about raising money. This still happens, but with today’s busy schedules, this close collaboration can be more challenging to achieve. This is part of why we decided to build Little Green Light, among other reasons, namely:

  • Lots of nonprofits are out there doing fantastic things for society;
  • They all need to raise money;
  • The best way to raise money over the long term is to build relationships with individuals.

That last item harkens back to a fundraising method some may find old-fashioned, but in fact it far outperforms the others. Despite all the Twitters and Facebooks and e-mails and flyers and events and mailers and memberships, it still holds that the number one thing you can do to fundraise is gather a group of people committed to your mission and allow them to build relationships with individuals on behalf of your organization.

This is hard work, but it’s not out of reach for the people that Little Green Light was designed and built to assist. Anyone can accomplish it. You don’t need to know a secret handshake. You don’t need to send out an internet blast using just the right wording. You can simply invite people dedicated to your mission to join together and do what they can do best for you, which is to feel genuinely passionate about your cause and to talk to others who are also passionate about it. Little Green Light makes it easy to do all those things—engage, share, and expand the number of folks who are doing that fantastic and important work.

Because Little Green Light is shared across the internet, it in effect is the modern equivalent of gathering in the basement of a church or synagogue or mosque or in an empty classroom. Given life’s current fast pace, it enables you and your board and team to get together more frequently and stay on the same page more easily using the same method that’s been successful across history.

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