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Results from our customer survey

Posted January 13, 2013 by Hunter Williams

Thank you to the 300+ LGL customers who responded to our survey! You all are wonderful.

First things first. As promised, we picked one winner for a $100 LGL credit, and the lucky winner is … Woodinville Montessori School from Woodinville, WA. Congratulations!

And now for the survey results:

Overall satisfaction

We were again very pleased with the high scores we received on key satisfaction questions, such as:

  • 95% of respondents who rated customer support gave it either an “excellent” or “good” rating
  • 87% of respondents said they receive solid value from LGL, and only 2% disagreed
  • 62% of respondents said they would serve as reference accounts (wow!), and several others said they would like to but don’t have time
  • Almost a quarter of respondents provided testimonials, all of which made our hearts soar with pride. Thank you so much!

Prior software

We are seeing more and more customers coming to LGL from other donor management systems (Raiser’s Edge, DonorPerfect, and GiftWorks being the top 3). Grouped together, these customers now outweigh those migrating from both spreadsheets (mostly Excel) and from general purpose databases (Access or Filemaker Pro).

Software used before LGL

Comfort level

The majority of LGL customers (55%) deem themselves to be at the intermediate level in terms of comfort level with using the software. (It’s important to note that many of our customers have been with LGL for a very short time.) We also looked at comfort level by length of time with LGL, and customers who have been with LGL for at least two years rated themselves on average at the advanced level.

Comfort using LGL

Preferred training

The most popular approach for learning how to use LGL is one-on-one support (via phone), and the second most popular request was for a webinar course on advanced topics.

Feature requests

Of the 10 feature requests we proposed, four received “very important” votes from at least 45% of respondents.

requests for new LGL features

The ability to add custom fields in a self-service way was the #1 request, followed by the ability to customize the layout on pages. (Note that LGL does have the ability to add custom fields today, but it requires an LGL administrator to do so.) We also asked about adding the ability to more easily make bulk updates to all kinds of constituent and gift information without requiring an export/import process. 48% were strongly in favor of this change, making it the #3 request. More PDF reports rounded out the top 4 in terms of features requested.

In the write-in section, the most common requests related to reports in general: More pre-built reports and easier navigation in the report-builder.

Online donations

By far the most commonly used online donation service is Paypal, used by 70% of LGL customers. Many customers expressed interest in participating in our LGL Forms & Donations beta test—in fact, many more than we can bring on at the beginning. But we will certainly let you know as we’re able to add customers for testing and general use.


Our first conclusion is that we have amazing customers. Thank you for putting your faith and trust in LGL and for sharing so freely with us.

Second is that we have more work to do … that wasn’t a surprise. We are probably our own worst critics, and we are never satisfied. These survey responses are extremely valuable as we prioritize what to work on next.

Feel free to send suggestions and comments any time to us at

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