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Release Notes: May 2020 updates

Posted May 27, 2020 by Teri Bicknell

LGL Release Notes - May 2020

We’ve been hard at work over the last couple of months improving the features and offerings in Little Green Light. So that you can see what we’ve been up to, we’re sharing the list of feature updates and fixes we’ve made. Please click on an item to jump to more details.

New updates

LGL forms updates

Updates to the Zapier – LGL integration


New updates

Choose whether to send a reminder when adding a related task to a gift

Related tasks can be added to all types of gifts. This is useful when you want to take action in a specific way in response to a gift or pledge. You can add as many related tasks as needed by clicking the “Add related task” button. Each task you add will be connected to the constituent who gave the gift. The update is that now you can choose to send reminders to the task owner.

Adding a related task in LGL

Include membership details in custom constituent reports

For constituent reports you create, please note that the “Memberships” report column now offers custom options so that you can filter which memberships to include. You can filter by membership level and membership dates.

Search for gifts from donors who are or are not deceased:

deceased donor search in LGL

View a summary of your pledges on the Dashboard

There is now a widget available on the Dashboard page that shows a summary of pledges. You can toggle between All, Open, or Closed, and you’ll see the pledges summed by the year they were made.

Pledge summary widget in LGL

Pledge Summary report in LGL

More easily clear selected constituents after a bulk update

Now you can set a flag to automatically clear selected constituents following a bulk edit. The checkbox shown below allows you to de-select the constituents you selected for your bulk edit:

how to clear records after a bulk edit in LGL

Sync gifts to QuickBooks during bulk gift entry

When you are bulk entering gifts with a gift type of “Gift” or “Other income”, you’ll have the option to queue the gifts for syncing to QuickBooks (if you have enabled the QuickBooks Online integration):

Sync bulk gifts to Quickbooks in LGL

Gift History PDF templates have been added to giving reports

Now you can quickly and easily produce a polished PDF report of a constituent’s gift history for specific time periods, not just for their entire donation history. Go to the constituent giving history, click the “Gift History” button, and make your selection from the available options:

Gift History reports in LGL

Preview your addresses or envelopes in a mailing

When you have selected to use labels or envelopes in a mailing, you can now view a preview of what those addresses will look like in the window shown below:

Mailing address preview block in LGL

Designate a gift as “Anonymous” when you are entering gifts in bulk:

Add anonymous gifts in bulk in lGL

In-kind quantities are now displayed in a constituent’s detailed profile

For accounts that have enabled the option to show quantities (pounds) for in-kind gifts, now when you look at a constituent’s detailed profile (accessible from within the constituent record) in-kind quantities are displayed, as shown here:

In kind quantities report in LGL

Initiate the printing of labels and envelopes more quickly

You can now print your labels and envelopes directly from the “Send mailing” button following an advanced constituent search:

Print label button in LGL

LGL forms updates

For recurring gifts from LGL forms, different mappings are now available for the first submission versus subsequent submissions

In the mapping for your form, you can now indicate which fields should be synced every time a recurring gift is processed and which fields should be synced for the first gift only.

Syncing recurring gift options in LGL Forms

Restrict matching by constituent type in LGL forms

You can now select to restrict matching by constituent type for an LGL form within the matching/syncing preferences for the form.

How to restrict matches by constituent type in LGL Forms

Updates to the Zapier – Little Green Light integration

The Zapier Integration option is available to all accounts

Our Zapier integration is out of beta! You can now set up your integration by clicking the invitation link on your Settings > Integration settings page, as shown here:

Set up Zapier integration in your LGL account

Custom constituent fields can now be mapped

If the LGL account has custom constituent fields (i.e., text, date, or number fields, not categories), these are now included in the list of fields you see when mapping from Zapier.

Gift “Check/Reference No.” now available as a mappable field

You can now map to the gift “Check/Reference No.” field from Zapier.


Improvement to the Duplicate Checker

Previously, in the side-by-side view of duplicate records, LGL didn’t show secondary addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Now all contact information for both the primary constituent record and the constituent record that will be merged is displayed, so you can now see all the data that will be brought over when you merge two duplicate records together.

Updates to LGL's Duplicate Checker

Default campaign, fund, event, or appeal is removed when archived

When a campaign, fund, event, or appeal was set as the “Default” in your account, when it was later archived it was not also removed as the default. This has been fixed so that when you archive a default campaign, fund, event, or appeal, it is no longer selected as the default for your account. The default setting is set to “– none –”. You can view and update these settings in Settings > Subscription settings > Gift settings:

Setting and archiving default gift settings

Appeal info is now included in an appeal export

Previously, when exporting directly from an appeal, you were taken to an export screen with no default columns selected. This has been fixed so that when you export the results of an appeal, the LGL constituent ID, sort name, and appeal information will be included as the export fields by default.

LGL Appeal Report updates

Groups do not export correctly from Notes report

Previously, Groups were not being exported as part of a Notes report. This has now been updated so that Groups export in Notes reports correctly.

Contact Report Hours fix

Contact report hours would previously revert to 0 when the hours totaled under 1 hour, if the contact report was edited. Now, when you enter an amount of under 1 hour in a contact report, that amount will remain saved even if the contact report is edited.

Allow a cloned letter template to have a new file uploaded to it

Previously, when you cloned a letter template it was not possible to upload a different Word document into it than the one that was attached originally. This has now been fixed.

Updated messaging about merged records taking 15 to 30 minutes to complete

We have added new messaging to the LGL interface to display whenever a constituent merge has taken place:

Updated messaging in LGL

Bulk action not updating event count

When event members were updated to “Attended” using the Bulk Update function in the event, the “Attended” count on the individual record was not being updated. This has been fixed so that the “Attended” count on the individual record now updates correctly.

In LGL forms, the Deposited Amount field contained an inaccurate amount in cases where the PayPal transaction fee rate changed

Previously, when a user set up PayPal the transaction fee remained at the initial percentage even if your particular PayPal fee percentage changed (for example, if you moved to their nonprofit rate). Therefore, gift amounts were being recorded incorrectly in Little Green Light in the Deposited Amount field. This has now been fixed so when the PayPal transaction fee changes the correct gift amount will be accurately reflected in the Deposited Amount field.

Formatting for forms showing ticket quantity

Previously, LGL form formatting did not allow different types of ticket quantities to align in the published form. This has been fixed so that the individual ticket quantity fields now line up, as shown here:

Updates to LGL Forms display

Remove pledge payment notation on gifts removed from pledge

Previously, when a gift was incorrectly marked as a payment on a pledge and the gift was later edited to remove that pledge association, the Pledge Payment designation still appeared in the Fundraising advanced search results. This has been fixed.

Update label for editing stewards

Previously, when editing a constituent record with a steward already assigned, you would see the pop-up window, or label, read “Update Contacts”. This pop-up window label has been changed to “Add or update stewards”.

Add or update meaasge

Deposited Amounts are now available in four report templates (works for accounts with Deposited Amount enabled)

Previously, in some pre-built reports the “Deposited Amount” field was not included. This field is now included in these reports.

NOTE: You will need to have the “Deposited” amount field turned on in your account in order to be able to see that field in your constituent records and for it to be included in the applicable pre-built reports.

Constituent birthday/deceased date removed from constituent entry for organizations

Previously, the constituent entry “short form” page for organizations contained the “Birthday” and “Deceased” fields. These fields have now been removed:

Organization record type short form

Disable pushing soft credits to QuickBooks Online

Previously, soft credits were being pushed to QuickBooks Online through the LGL-QBO integration. This has been fixed so that soft credits can no longer be queued to sync with QBO.

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