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Call for beta testers of our Zapier integration

Posted December 19, 2019 by Hunter Williams

Call for beta testers of our Zapier integration

We’re excited to reveal a new integration we’re working on, with Zapier. This integration is special in that it actually represents many possible integrations.


What is Zapier?

Zapier is a web service that allows many different web services to integrate with one another. We’ve had requests for integrations with many different services, and we think that this integration could address many of these integration needs at once.

Zapier has a free tier for limited volume and paid tiers at higher volumes. Each integration, or zap, is driven by a trigger and then the receiving service performs an action. Little Green Light will be releasing a Zapier action in early 2020, so your LGL account can be on the receiving end of any number of integrations.


How does Zapier work?

As an example, let’s say you would like to pull into your LGL account any tweet that mentions your organization. Since Twitter has a Zapier trigger and Little Green Light is building a Zapier action, you’ll be able to do exactly this.

The beauty of the Zapier model is that it means each of these services doesn’t have to build separate integrations with each other. It’s like a hub-and-spoke model that makes it much more efficient to build integrations. Hence the hub and spoke graphic in their logo:

Zapier hub logo
Zapier hub logo


Besides the Twitter example above, there are thousands of other triggers available from all kinds of software. Here are a few more examples:

Square: If you use Square for on-site payment processing, you could use their New Transaction trigger to pull purchaser and transaction information into LGL.

Google Forms: If you use Google Forms, you can pull information from new submissions into LGL—though we still recommend using LGL forms. 🙂

Sendinblue: We recently had a request to integrate with the email service Sendinblue. We don’t have plans for building that integration, but you could use Sendinblue’s New Subscriber trigger to pull new subscribers into your LGL account.

There are many, many more such examples. For more insight, you can browse the applications that have built Zapier triggers.


What will LGL’s Zapier action allow you to do, exactly?

You’ll be able to create and edit constituent records, create gift entries, and add notes to constituents. The mapping will be quite similar to how the Flex Importer and LGL forms mapping works. Incoming records will be dropped into the Integration queue for review. It’s important to realize, though, that Zapier works by pushing one record at a time; it’s not a solution for sending a large file of data.

You’ll be able to map the following types of fields:

  • Constituent names
  • Contact info (email, phone, address)
  • Constituent categories (groups, tags, etc.)
  • Notes (note type, date, and text)
  • Gifts (and other financial transactions)
  • MailChimp or Constant Contact (add to list)


If you’d like to join our list of potential beta testers, please click the link below and complete the short request form.


We look forward to working with you on this and seeing what kinds of connections you can make.


P.S. A common question when it comes to Zapier is how to pronounce it. The official Zapier company line is that it “rhymes with happier.”


3 thoughts on “Call for beta testers of our Zapier integration

  1. Does LGL or Zapier have plans to track expenditures, as well as the current donations feature? I really do like LGL’s functionality to track donations, as well as many other client relations features (the groups our clients/volunteers are in, their volunteer interest areas, etc).

    But it would be nice if LGL could also track expenditures, including expenditures to vendors and salary for our paid staff. I currently use Excel to track expenditures and download donations from LGL. It works okay, but is fairly labor intensive.

    1. Hi Nathan,

      We do not currently have plans to include expense tracking in LGL. That is a bit more of an accounting function and think it is better off remaining in your accounting system.


    2. We use QuickBooksOnline for the accounting aspects of our nonprofit. A yearly subscription through TechSoup is about the same price as a one month subscription regularly. We have been paying $50/yr. FYI we were using Aplos, but as they changed from accounting to trying to be a complete CRM, it got less easy to use and did not meet our needs as a CRM. We are just beginning to use LGL, and are getting some help setting up our complex needs. That includes integrating QBO with entries in LGL. Can’t wait to simplify. Hope this helps you.

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