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Our 10th Anniversary celebration is coming to an end

Posted December 5, 2019 by Timi Paccioretti

10th Anniversary recap

With 2019 drawing to an end, the celebration of our 10th Anniversary year is also coming to a close. As it does, we want to take a moment to reflect on this incredible milestone and share our appreciation for the almost 6,000 nonprofit organizations that put their trust in Little Green Light.


Some 10th Anniversary love from our customers

One of our greatest delights is receiving messages from our customers about how Little Green Light has simplified their work and their lives. During our 10th Anniversary celebration, we received no shortage of love messages. Here are just a few:

“By the way, I don’t know if you hear this enough but we love LGL! It really is a fantastic program and the longer I use it and find all of the wonderful ways to use it, the more I love it. Thank you so much for all you do.”

— Rebee Martz, Tibetan Nuns Project

“LGL has made a 100% difference in the ease with which I can store, extract, and provide information. I’m still learning, but it’s been a game-changer. My work-life is much improved because of this software. So glad you had this dream!”

— Carla Barber, Sunshine Meadows

“As I struggle every single day to keep our good work alive (I used to believe the myth that hard work and good results would sustain a nonprofit), I appreciate how you spoke to the small nonprofit, and I have a renewed appreciation for your software and the mission behind your product.”

–Kathy Hawes, TN Clean Water Network


And, LGL users are not just sharing these awesome message with us—they are also sharing the LGL love with their peers and other small nonprofits. Because of them, Little Green Light is becoming one of the most widely used donor management systems in the United States. For that, we are incredibly grateful—and humbled.

It’s one of the reasons this 10th Anniversary Year celebration was so special.


Our 10th Anniversary year recap

We kicked off our 10th Anniversary celebration in May 2019 with a letter from our founders, Nick and Chris Bicknell. In their letter, they shared:

“Our vision today remains the same as it was when we started, that small organizations can accomplish great things and should have simple, powerful, and affordable software to help them do it.”

It is this vision that drives us today and sets the path forward for what we hope will be another successful 10 years.

In addition to our Founders letter, we also published a company timeline sharing how Little Green Light has evolved over the years. It was fun looking back at where we started, and sharing all that we have accomplished with the help of so many. (And we’ve hired two new staff members since we published the timeline!)

We had the privilege of connecting face-to-face with some of our customers, including get-togethers in San Antonio, TX, and in Portland, ME, as well as being able to connect at several fundraising conferences across the U.S.

We even sent a little LGL 10th Anniversary swag to some of our long-time customers, referrers, and partners as our way of saying thanks.

To culminate our year of celebration, we’ve chosen to award a total of $5,000 in donations to 10 of our customers on #GivingTuesday. These 10 organizations were selected at random from our nearly 6,000 customers, and our hope is that this $500 gift will help them continue to do good in their communities. We are so appreciative of all our customers and their missions.



As your end-of-year approaches, it is our hope that LGL will be part of your organization’s future and will continue to be a useful tool in your fundraising toolbox. We are pleased to have the opportunity to support you and your organization’s mission and can’t wait to see what 2020 brings!

9 thoughts on “Our 10th Anniversary celebration is coming to an end

  1. Thank you LGL, for making our fundraising lives so much easier! Purchasing any software in South Africa is expensive and onerous but you have made it possible for us to have the best within our budget. So grateful.

    p.s. Please visit us in South Africa someday. The market is waiting!

  2. We are pleased to have been one of youy early adopters. Though we don’t use anywhere near the capabilities of LGL, it has been a Godsend to us as it has for others. Thank you for continuing to provide this tremendous value for us small non-profits.

  3. I love LGL. It is a breeze after coming from Raisers Edge. The only thing I would love to see is an app. Is one in the works by any chance? Happy Anniversary!

    1. HI Cheryl,

      Thanks for the feedback! No news on the app front yet, but it is on our radar screen!


  4. Repeated Congratulations, and many, many repeated Thank You’s for LGL. I truly thank God for you all daily for your incredible program and your commitment and continuing excellence of support! For us, the “Small Fry” in the nonprofit world, you have made the drudgery of data maintenance into a pleasant and rewarding experience! A Blessed and Merry Christmas to you all!

  5. Congratulations, Little Green Light friends, on your 10 year anniversary! We at Kestrel Land Trust are in our 4th year of using your product and are enthusiastic fans. Switching to LGL in 2016 made a huge difference in my quality of life at the office. As the earliest adopter and the staff member whose work most depends on a great donor management system, I’ve been steadily advocating to my colleagues that they try out the many tools available to them through LGL. Over time many have recognized that LGL can make their own jobs easier and also that widespread use throughout our organization strengthens our work together. I love being asked by other non-profits about LGL and am thrilled when they report that they too are now enthusiastic subscribers. Thank you and keep up the great work!

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